Apple has received another lawsuit from a disgruntled user. It is noteworthy that the reason for going to law became a case that occurred back in the fall of 2016. According to the plaintiff, two years ago, shortly after charging the battery it iPhone 6s is hot, and that was the cause of serious burns.

It is worth noting that the lawsuit from disgruntled owner of the iPhone 6s not only Apple, but also firm, which had insured the gadget. According to the plaintiff, both companies had to notify users of potential problems with the batteries of smartphones.

In addition, disgruntled user believes that the cupertinos to add to their mobile device special alert that will inform about problems with the battery, in particular, sharp heating of the gadget.

Usually cupertinos immediately begin an investigation into the involuntary ignition of their gadgets. It is not uncommon for this company to completely disassemble the damaged device, trying to find the cause. In most cases, ignition occurs due to non-original charges.


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