In the last few days on the popular online forum Reddit has quite a lot of complaints from owners of the latest Apple smart watch. Users actively complain of the wrong display. In particular, the owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 to report a malfunctioning backlight.

It should be noted that messages about the too bright backlight display of the Apple Watch Series 4 started appearing a few weeks ago. Recently, however, the number of complaints has increased significantly. Moreover, face a similar problem in different parts of the globe – in the US, Europe and Russia.

Judging by the pictures posted on Reddit, backlit screen of the Apple Watch Series 4 in some cases, begins to work too hard, causing the display of the smartwatch displays glare and noise. Potentially improper illumination can lead to fading pixels.

At the moment it is difficult to say how often found a similar problem. However, as mentioned above, reports of faulty operation of the backlight in the Apple Watch Series 4 come from different regions of the globe. Cupertinos had no immediate comment on the negative reviews.


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