Analysts predict Apple smartphones 2020 a completely new design, which, however, will have something in common with the old iPhone 4 and 5. The experts decided to study all the rumors and speculation and to create a three-dimensional model of the future iPhone. To see this wonder.

Hull design model called iPhone 12 Pro will be similar to the good old Apple. The same side faces and rounded corners. But what will make the new product different from the iPhone 4 and 5 is an external view of the camera. Like iPhone 11 Pro it will be enclosed in square module. Get device four the image sensor.

In the design concept, by the way, do not see any “bangs” on the screen. If Apple really implements this idea, many fans will rejoice.

Also in the video to show wireless charging iPhone 12 Pro. With its help, you can be charged from a smartphone wireless accessories or other devices.

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