In the report by CNBC says that the first video service subscription will be launched in April and will include a combination of original programming and additional options for existing popular services such as Showtime, Starz and some of the Viacom channels.

Much of the talk about Apple’s plans for streaming video focused on the original content that was planned for the company; it seems that it takes only a week without the announcement of any new deal. But we heard very little about how Apple may integrate other services with your own. Today’s report shows that users will be able to combine multiple premium channels with the Apple, with all its contents contained in a single application.

Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are services with a similar offer that allows subscribers to configure their package by adding additional premium channels in the video directory that offers each. Amazon and Hulu offer HBO as a Supplement for 14,99$. Per month, for the same price as the service HBO Now in the network. But while Apple is trying to include HBO as a Supplement to his new service, CNBC reports that the discussion of models of income distribution, which promotes Apple can get this deal; Apple obviously wants a 30% cut in income for members who come through its apps, and this amount may not agree with HBO.

Apple currently receives 30 percent of subscriptions in applications in the first year and reduces its reduction to 15 percent in subsequent years. The company has also historically reduced the sale of apps and one-time in-app purchase of 30 percent for the entire period of the existence of the App Store. To get around this, many developers do not allow people to subscribe to their services in applications. In December, Netflix canceled the option of subscribing to its services via its app for iOS, and Amazon have never sold books through its Kindle app, not to give part of the revenue from sales to Apple.

Regardless of how all of this income distribution works, it seems that the video service will be integrated into Apple’s existing television app on Apple TV and iOS. This app brings together video from a number of available streaming services and movies and TV shows iTunes user. Keeping this app as a Central place for everything that people want to watch, seems reasonable, although it is worth noting that Netflix will continue to exist outside of this ecosystem. App Apple TV currently can not see the content from Netflix, and it seems that Netflix will not be integrated with the new service Apple.

From the point of view of time, it is possible that Apple will finally introduce the world with its video service in the upcoming event, which will occur in late March. Yesterday, Buzzfeed News reported that the company held this event to present news of the product by subscription, but also it seems that the time is suitable for the introduction of a subscription service for video. Apple also used the March event to introduce iPad updates in the last few years, so that the deck can appear and new equipment.

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