Moscow, February 27 — “Conduct. Economy,” Donald trump has never approved a work visa H-1B for educated workers in demand occupations, which often became the subject of his attacks during the debate in the presidential primaries of 2016.

After winning the election and the signing of the Executive order trump the “Hire American” visa has attracted more attention.

Now it’s starting to show in numbers. Since his victory the number of approved work visas H1-B decreased, and the number of contested government have tripled, according to Service, citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS).

If in the fiscal year 2015 rate of acceptance of applications for a work visa the H-1B was 96% in the first three months of 2019 financial year it amounted to 75%. The number of applications on which the government demanded additional evidence rose from 20% to 60% for the same periods of time.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the most common requests for additional evidence from USCIS: is it possible to qualify this work as a “special occupation”; whether the applicant’s work last full period of employment, as specified in the application; the nature of the relationship of the applicant with the company.

Given that a favorite target of the administration of tramp — Silicon valley, tech giants also touched upon the process associated with a working visa H1-B. Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook have received the approval of not less than 98 per cent of applications in fiscal 2018. Consulting firm Capgemini has received approval from only 20% of 1334 applications for a work visa H-1B. The other consulting company Deloitte reasonable results — 50%.

The demand is high. Each year, applications for a work visa the H-1B annual quota of Congress in 85 thousand applications 3 or more times. And we can hardly expect the situation to change, given the rhetoric trump commutation position with a work visa H-1B in 2019.

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