I write about technology, so many people ask my advice on what phone to buy and whether it is time to upgrade their laptops. But most often over the past few years I asked one question: “When is Apple going to release a new version of MacBook Air?” Many writers, academics and students just default laptop choose a MacBook Air and I can not wait for the emergence of new models that obsolete laptop.

This week at an event in Brooklyn, new York, Apple finally announced a new laptop model with the updated screen and improved specifications. But now the laptop has lost one of its features that appealed to buyers — are relatively affordable rates. Instead (if we talk about the gadgets cheaper thousands of dollars) to the fore new tablets from Apple. This may seem a strange step, but if you tell fortunes on a coffee thick, it will become clear that, according to Apple, the tablet is able to replace this very common modern laptop.

Most of the technical experts for many years is considered “air” to her most preferred, favorite laptop — and no wonder: at a cost about a thousand dollars this was a great option. This laptop was durable yet lightweight, it instantly turn on and its battery lasts for all eternity. In short, it was the Platonic ideal of a indestructible laptop, and due to its price, he was the most attractive product in the “Apple”.

But at a price of 1199 dollars, a new laptop “air” for just a hundred dollars cheaper more thin and light “MacBook” and more powerful “MacBook Pro”. “Air”suddenly ceased to be the obvious choice. It seems that Apple wants, so instead customers have chosen as their favorite tablet computer. The new iPad Pro now have several updated features, including such features as increased and improved display case with a smart keyboard. And now he has no home button.

But the main hint to help you understand the plans, “Apple”, are the prices: new iPad Pro cost from 800 $ to 1000 $ with the keyboard. In other words, the pricing scheme is “Apple” they took the place of the MacBook Air.

Another clue can be found on the website of “Apple”. On the page dedicated to the iPad Pro, says that the new devices “will make you rethink what a tablet”. And then in smaller font is written: “And what a computer”. The company wants to change the basic definition of a computer. Why settle for a device with only a screen and keyboard, if you can buy a device with touch screen sensors and digital pen?

Need more proof? Early proponents of computers in the main reasons that the tablet is not suitable for “real work”, called his inability to work with photoshop. This week as part of the demonstration of new gadgets Apple came on the scene the company “Windows” (Adobe) and demonstrated its graphics editor at the new tablet Apple. In addition, the new tablets have USB type-C that will allow users to connect cameras and other devices, effectively turning the tablet into a mobile photo and video Studio that was once only possible when working with “makbuki”.

So Yes, Apple is trying to build its product line around adaptable tablet. But it hasn’t happened yet. Despite many improvements, the operating systems iOS still lags behind OS “MacBook” functionality, and for the people who regularly perform specific tasks or have specific needs, “MacBook” is still the best option. But Apple knows that a significant segment of the buyers still need conventional computers. That is why she has released a new version of the tablet, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. That is why it produced such high-class devices as monoblock iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro.

For millions of other people who once might have automatically acquired a MacBook Air, the choice is between him and the tablet’s “Apple” now not so obvious. But one thing is clear — Apple is likely in the near future, this laptop will kill you.

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