In the age of high technology there is a belief that if you’re not online, you not at all. Apple seems to have decided to take this controversial statement, to solve the “problem” of the Crimea.

In Kaliningrad there is a Park of miniatures “History of architecture” — there you can see the small copies of famous Russian buildings. Including the “swallow’s nest” — a visiting card of Crimea. And all this is told in the application that was downloaded in the App Store. But as they say people associated with the Park and this application, soon the program will remove the sanctions. It turns out, is not in the app store — no problems.

An official statement from Apple was not, and in principle the message from Kaliningrad could be skeptical, if I hadn’t already been precedents.

The company removed more than one mobile application associated with the Crimea. The ban was the “My city”, which you can use to know the poster and chat with other users from Russia and CIS. This is explained by the “embargo from the United States.” The developers attributed the incident to the fact that one in ten of those who use the app lives in the Crimea or in the breakaway LC and the DNI.

Fall under the ban and application for accommodation booking, where 20-30 percent of the audience falls on the Crimea. One of them was able to return to users of iPhones and iPads only once were removed all references to objects of the Crimean Peninsula.

But why stop at such half measures? Generally easier to paint over Crimea dark circle on the map, to remove an article from Wikipedia, to block all Russian news sources. You laugh at those who are trying to regulate the net in Russia? From picture of the world “Apple” are trying to seize the whole Peninsula — just deny as if it never happened. This will be the perfect free Internet, which is responsible for American values.

Author Maria Balyabina, radio Sputnik

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