Jony Ive has left his position at Apple after he worked in Silicon valley since 1992. This became known on June 28. Exactly, he should say thank you for a modern look smartphones and laptops. But that’s not all what he is famous for. We will talk in detail about the most important worked Quince at the head of the design Department at Apple.

No matter how You treat the Apple, until recently, this company set the fashion in computers and cell phones around the world. She has her own unique way, pleasant, or profitable and convenient for many users around you. To repeat the ideology of Apple, in fact, trying many companies, but to create around their technology, the cult fails almost anyone (sects Xiaomi — almost a good try, but they will change the idols as soon as Redmi will cease to be the cheapest smartphones in terms of features).

This ideology of Apple is very expensive — not only from the point of view of the vocal cords and vocabulary of the speakers at the presentations, what scoff enthusiasts, but also to efforts in order to create something coherent. Ecosystem, which tied up a lot of devices with different characteristics and generations of “iron”, not similar to any of the processors in mobile phones or tablets — all the money. But from all the other manufacturers Apple distinguished still a huge investment (time and effort) in design, and is responsible for his Apple, Sir Jonathan Ive, the man from “white room”, one of the most influential Britons of our time according to The Sunday Times.

Jonathan was born in 1967 in London. Options to become a connoisseur of technology and beauty Quince was little, because his father was a jeweler, and his grandfather was an engineer. Therefore, the whole creative atmosphere associated with the design of jewelry and technology, has borne fruit.

However, it all started not so luxurious as you imagine. In 1985 John began to study design, sculpture and art at Northumbria Polytechnic University, simultaneously creating models… hearing AIDS. After finishing University, Ive got a job in a small startup, Tangerine Design, where one of his tasks was to design (guess what? Right!) bathroom company Ideal standard. In this project, the toilet remained in the form of drawings — the customer rejected the idea of Quince too expensive production. But the young designer was not discouraged because of failure, but only became harder.

When Jonathan was 21, he married Heather Pegg, his former classmate. Now they have two twin sons. Later, in 1992, Ive moved from London to San Francisco. In the city where he will become a designer at Apple Inc. It is from this moment begins the story of the man whom today the whole world knows.

In fact, even before formal employment in the “Apple” of the company, Ive created the design of the PowerBook 140 (1991), when I worked at Tangerine Design. Today, the laptop looks archaic and cumbersome, but for the early 90s it was a real breakthrough. Compact computer, which has become a “trendsetter” for the whole industry.

Until 1997, the business at Apple was not the best way, and Jonathan began the break in professional activities, during which he wanted to leave office in Cupertino. It turned out that it was only the calm before the storm of success and recognition jony Ive, as high quality professionals. By 1997, after the return of Steve jobs, he was given the post of Vice-President of industrial design and moved from place Robert Bruckner.

1998. iMac

Monoblock — the first product of the company, received the famous prefix “i” in the title. If today it is fashionable to joke about the mediocre innovation in the context of the Apple and jony Ive, twenty years ago the joke no one is going (“It’s revolution, Johnny!”). All the hardware is bulky (and then the other and was not) a desktop computer were neatly arranged within a compact housing together with the screen. While the plastic used is translucent, and on the shelves you could find different colors. Can, everything new is still well-forgotten old?

2003. With a slim candybar

16 years ago Ive created a form of what is now in the computer version all the word candy. This model is the competitors started to draw something like that today seems trivial and obvious option PC all-in-one.

If the previous generation was a thin screen with a hinge and the main part of the body, which was filling, the G5 is only a screen with “leg”. All system elements were jewelry hidden inside “boxes” screen. Then, every few years, iMac has become each time more thinner and prettier.

2008. A breath of “air”

In the period from 2006 to 2008 processors, graphics, displays and storage has evolved quickly, and Apple was able to get this development under control. Matrix laptops began to be made on the basis of LED technology. So they slowly discharge the battery, and laptops began to work longer. Or, if not longer, then do the laptops could be made more subtle by saving on the size of the battery. So there were ultrabooks, which replaced subnotebooks.

Many people remember the presentation where Steve jobs pulled out a paper envelope full laptop. It was the MacBook Air, the design of which Ive answered. A mountain of compromises between engineers and designers has borne fruit, and Apple became the inventor of the first ultra-slim and sturdy laptop. Lightweight, with a capacious battery, it almost has not changed in appearance in ten years. Try to remember at least a couple of laptops (except the ThinkPad, uh-huh) that would be so long outdated in appearance?

2010. iPad

Apple has long had the idea to create a tablet. Was Newton, there was a lot rejected at the stage of model development. But the point in the internal disputes of the company put the tablet, the ideological continuation of which we can see today. The path from first generation iPad to the most powerful iPad Pro 2018 was difficult, but not for Apple.

Many manufacturers tried to give your answer monopoly, but without results. An era past, Google refused the tablet version of Android, and Apple still releases new versions of tablets, which year by year gets better, gradually turning into the replacement to the compact laptops.

Design, the work of jony Ive, this plays a special role. Apple did not depart from the basic idea, which is the maximum simplicity of the device. Simple controls, remade for the big screen, and a minimum of contact through the physical buttons. This is what has kept the entire industry afloat, though in the hands of, say, Apple.

2013. No skeuomorph

One of the main stages of the company Apple, which, too, is Ive. Probably the most bold move “to kill the goose that laid the Golden eggs”, which simultaneously changed the design on the screens of all electronics, not just cell phones. Many fans of Apple could not come to terms with the fact that volume and the usual application icons on their iPhone or iPad is no more. They were replaced by flat, bright, but more convenient for a quick glance icons, along with the rest of the same simple appearance of iOS. The scale and seriousness of the swearing that accompanied changes in iOS, unlikely to be repeated in the foreseeable future.

These changes made the new design and its main competitor, Google, on the complete redesign of the interface of its operating system. So there is Android 5.0 with “air” design language Material instead of dark Holo Android 4.0 — 4.4. Following the “pure” Android system copied into their shells Samsung, LG, Sony and other manufacturers. And the first climbed on the rampage is still Apple.

To this point it has been more than ten years from the moment jony Ive year after year is increasing its influence on the entire field of design in the industry. And retreat he apparently has no plans.


For almost two years we live in the reality invented by Sir Jonathan Ive. In reality, those phones that are now in your hands or lie on the exercises. Almost all modern smartphones, there is one distinctive trait that separates us from the era of the full and true bezremontnoy is “bangs”. Yes, the area at the top of the display, which first appeared in 2017, the iPhone X.

You can endlessly blame Apple for this, according to many, ugly hell, but the vast majority of new smartphones sold today, and was released after “ten” is in some form this projection. While Apple and the IPhone for the authorship of jony Ive didn’t, no one even thought about this option. Moreover, nothing prevents competitors start EN masse to stamp of pull out the camera when fully frameless screens. But the people idolaters (especially China and India) require that the smartphone was even remotely similar to Apple. Here we live among cell phones, which, judging by appearances, the children of a mass “rape” with the participation of the iPhone X.

The same situation on the market hours. Apple here, a monopolist with a huge share of sales in the world market. The success of design jony Ive was allowed to leave in the minds of the people of the Association between the concept of a smart watch and the end product of Apple. No wonder many manufacturers are anything, but trying to copy Apple Watch. An example can be Fitbit Versa. Notice the similarity?

The whole situation with copying and imitation can be attributed to the “magic” of Apple. But if we are talking about the “magic” of master magician here is Ive.

_P. S. After the news of resignation of the chief designer of Apple, it became known that with his activities he has not done. Apple all the same will remain in a working relationship with YWAM, but in the context of his new company LoveFrom. _

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