Rostec Corporation and the Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana” held a competition for participation in art project “Clear Octave”. In August, the estate of the writer will become a residence for musicians and Directors, working with environmental sounds. According to the results of their work will create a collective musical art project. Today the names of five winners.

Art project initiated by the Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana”, the state Corporation rostec, electroacoustic factory “Oktava” and the online platform “Sigma”. The idea of “Clear Octave” belongs to the journalist, the head of the educational project “the Regiment” Yuri Saprykin.

“Applicants had to have experience with field recording and to send examples of their work. The project caused great excitement — the organizers have received about a hundred applications. Places in residence are only five, so the choice was long and difficult,” — said the founder of the platform “Sigma” for the publication of texts about the human, cultural phenomena and society Furkat Palasade.

Winners: sound designer and Creator of the label Asyncro Oleg Buyanov (Moscow), electronic musician Karina Kazarian (Moscow), ambient musician Dmitry Lysakov (Tyumen oblast), sound engineer and producer Ivan Merkulov (Moscow) and Dmitry Ustinov, he’s a Japanese DJ (Moscow).

“The finalists will travel to Yasnaya Polyana in the beginning of August. In addition to free Shuttle service and accommodation, each winner will receive an honorarium and stereo microphones MK-012 as a gift from a member of the rostec state Corporation of Oktava factory. These microphones and the participants will use to record the sounds of the estate Thick. The art project “Clear Octave” is an experimental format for creative collaboration. It was important for us to come up with a project in which our technology will be involved in the creation of an original cultural product of the new format, able to fully immerse their audience into the atmosphere of the place where he lived and worked great Russian writer. The project will culminate on the birthday of Leo Tolstoy 9 September — then will be presented to the public the collective music album”, — commented the results of the contest Director of communications of the state Corporation rostec Ekaterina Baranova.

“Even during his lifetime, Tolstoy’s Yasnaya Polyana became a cultural center: here come the writers, artists, musicians. The music was in the house; in the house of the writer has traditionally been a professional and Amateur house concerts. In this project we are interested to continue the existing traditions and to invite modern musicians”, — said the Director of the Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana” Ekaterina Tolstaya.

This will create a collective musical album to the birthday of the writer on the streaming sites Apple Music and Yandex. Music. Additionally, the disposal of the authors of the album will be provided with the archival recording of the voice of Leo Tolstoy, fragments of his works, read by actors, and recording local folklore.

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