TWS headphone market today is already saturated, but for the most part model is a little different. Although some brands try to stand out from the crowd. Among the latest trends, we note the appearance of the noise reduction algorithms from in-ear models. In addition, some manufacturers are trying to add some color, sounds and melodies, for example, to focus on the lower frequencies, which personally seems quite controversial, because not everyone needs a powerful lower classes, in some cases, they will be going wild and spoiling the composition.

Today we got to TWS headsets Outlier Gold, which also isn’t quite normal. With this model, Creative markets its technology Super X-Fi. Well, let’s test and see how it is a good offer today.


If you ever bought Bluetooth headphones Creative, making you may sound familiar. A square box of cardboard.

In tight, similar to a blister but black base, which is the case, as well as the left and right headphones. Pull it out, as found in the wire bundle USB A to USB C charging, as well as a paper warranty card, paper edition of the regulatory information safety, a quick start guide to using headphones and a separate quick guide on how to activate the Super mode X-Fi.

Depicted on the box headphones, also shown on the front operating time — 14 hours, dice is about the presence of the same X-Fi, the company logo and the model name. Also on the box ends and the back side find the indispensable certification marks and various correspondences, wins medals at various exhibitions, a description of the benefits of technology with Super X-Fi, Links to apps in the Google Play Store and Appstore, and just the description of the product and its main chips.

In short, Singapore the company has decided to praise myself, telling consumers why you need to opt for Outlier Gold.

Appearance, build quality and materials

Headphones look quite differently than the Apple Earpods. No you cut the wires. Own completed form and design. However, typical for such a product. Kind of neat and stylish snails.

Here silicone sleeves on the part that fits in the ear, touch the surface with the led indicator that responds to touch and gestures with the opposite hand, gold plated contacts, neat holes microphones, discreet logo (compact version) on each of the headphones. All seasoned with a Golden color mixed with black matte plastic — model got its name not just. But it looks good unlike the boring gold smartphones, giving Gypsy.

Carrying case and recharging of metal painted in gold, and again a matte black plastic. Retractable. Headphones getting there, are anchored, which is convenient. On one side of the case for USB Type-C. 4 indicator for left and right earphone, charge indicator case and the indicator of the charging process. Burn red or blue.

As in

Again we will address the issue of ear cushions — standard size we liked. Immediately proved to be convenient. Excellent sound insulation because of the form factor of headphones and a well chosen size of the silicone. In addition, at this point you should pay attention, as if uncomfortable with the ear pads, the sound will likely be distorted and the beauty of songs you will not hear.

Speaking of Outlier Gold is to say a lot of words about Super X-Fi. Actually headphones can be used in normal mode without it, but to ignore something new that besides inevitably incorporated in the price, it is impossible.

First we need to pair the headphones with a smartphone. It’s enough to pull out of the charging case and the smartphone to switch to the search mode for Bluetooth devices. Will be found right or left ear or both. Connect to any and immediately hear that the process was successful, literally a second later hear in the second earpiece that he, too, joined. In this sense, it’s all very simple.

Then download a branded app from Creative — SXFI App: Magic SUPER X-Fi. You will have to register to personalize your data preserved on the server and others can’t access them. By the way, it is important to remember that magic Super X-fi with Outlier Sport only applies to local tracks, which are downloaded on your smartphone and played through a branded app Creative. Note that our app Pano Scrobbler successfully identified the app from the Creative music player and start to collect statistics for the normally. Most modern Scrobbler this is also to cope without any problems.

After registration you will need to make a digital fingerprint of both ears and half her face. It looks as follows.

This is to ensure that the Creative server was able to perform features of the structure of your ears and face to ensure the right sound is, as promised on the packaging — what it meant when recording tracks.

Turn on the playback, trying to figure out how now will sound familiar tracks. But then the opinion of those who are trying to get Super X-fi itself diverges. In fact, our editorial staff and some friends crashed into two camps. Some say that there is no difference between the sound with Super X-Fi and without it do not hear. Others say that the sound really changed. Specifically, I the difference before and after the activation of the Super X-fi I heard. Added volume and depth. But it sounds a bit unusual in the first few minutes.

Evaluation of sound and the already terribly subjective activity, but there is also a new technology. In short, we have nothing to convince or dissuade won’t have to listen to yourself.

But it will tell you what good Creative Outlier Gold.

For a start, we decided to evaluate Guns ’n’ Roses — “Appetite for destruction”, the entire album, then Kreator — “World war now” and “Totalitarian terror”, a bit Judas Priest — Firepower (full album, as one of the most listening to lately) then went to Manowar — “Warriors of the world”, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Blood of God, DevilDriver, Slayer, Dropkick Murphys, Eisbrecher, Scorpions, The Real McKenzies, Nogu Svelo!, Lily of the valley, and then changed the style to Icona Pop, Lindsey Stirling, Tiesto, Angerfist, Benjamin Wallfisch, Edvin Marton.

What exactly can you tell with the bass for Outlier Gold approx. If necessary, they otrabativaut, and some (especially electronic) tracks quite a hammering, making it feel even gradation of lower frequencies. With the middle all too well, but the top I personally like a little more. By the way, if you disable the Super X-fi became more highs, which I missed. Although still not fully. It is not excluded that it is only a matter of habit to the previous sound.

Separately want to say that is simply delightful sound of jazz records. For example, try to listen to “Waltz for Debby”.

As for the signal reception, we tried to leave the smartphone on the table next to your laptop and get out of the apartment into the stairwell, away from the sound source about 10 meters, but we were separated by a wall and iron door — no problem. Not had any problems in transport or on the street. But I noticed one peculiarity. When the headset only turn on and connect to a smartphone, the first 10 seconds of playback, there may be some interference if they are somehow adjusted to each other, find some common language, and then play normally.

By the way, when fully charged, the headphones can withstand about 14 hours of playback. Next is habitually charged by the case. As a result, in General it turns out to 39 hours of audio.

It is clear that the headphone of this class work with all modern codecs, high-resolution and friends with Bluetooth 5.0. In our case we used the AptX.

Creative also praises graphene, from which the membrane current Outlier Gold.

To achieve the perfect sound, we have established many ways of 5.6-mm aperture emitter of graphene — the thinnest and hard of nanomaterial in the world, which is lighter than paper, stronger than steel and conducts electricity better than copper. Graphene diaphragm consumes minimum power, providing excellent sound quality. This allows Outlier Gold to optimize the power of the radiator for excellent sound reproduction with high detailed and well-balanced MIDs, and rich bass.

As headphones have microphones, it is not surprising that they can be used to manage intelligent electronic assistants, like Google Assistant and Siri, as well as answer incoming calls.


Interface: USB type C (charging), Bluetooth 5.0
Product type: real wireless headphones

Weight: in-ear earphones: 10g, Charger case: 54 gr
Color: Golden

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Speaker size: 5,6 mm graphene diaphragm emitter

Type and battery life: the Battery in earphones 2 x rechargeable Li-polymer battery 80 mAh (Battery in the charging case: 1 rechargeable lithium-polymer 450 mAh)

Charging time: 2 hours (inserts into a charging case), 3.5 hours (charging case)

Bluetooth working frequency: 2.4 GHz
Audio codec: aptX, AAC, SBC
Range: up to 10 m
Way of wearing: in-ear (“ear plugs”), Real wireless

Microphone: frequency response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz
Sensitivity: — 42 dBV / Pa
Type: Omni-directional

Operating temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C
The results

Today, wireless Bluetooth headphones Creative Outlier Gold worth 8,000 rubles, according to Yandex. Market. It’s adequate for price tag offer from the brand, focusing exclusively on sound is not the first dozen years. You can also find cheaper, but from young or even unknown brands, or significantly more expensive than popular brands, but with the active noise cancelling.

But Creative Outlier Gold offer customers not only headphones, but also their own expertise in sound and a brand new Super X-fi. They are certainly interesting.

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