The world Cup 2018 and the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang has caused the greatest interest of Russians in “Yandex” among the events of 2018, reported the press service of the company.

“Yandex” has made lists of those who find themselves the center of attention of inhabitants of Russia in the past year. This event, which aroused the greatest interest, as well as people and things that first attracted the attention or which for some reason this year asked much more than in the past. The calculations used data on requests for the period from 1 January to 19 November 2018″, — stated in the message.

Clarifies that the top 3 most popular events is as follows (in descending order): football world Cup, the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the fire in TRTS “Winter cherry”. The most interesting user personas have become a footballer Igor Akinfeev (first place), fighter of the mixed style of Khabib Nurmagomedov (second place), footballer Artem Dzyuba (third place).

“However, the strongest response from the Russians brought news of the death of Joseph Kobzon, Oleg Tabakov and Nikolai Karachentsov. From the departed foreigners, the users were mostly interested in Stephen Hawking and rapper XXXTentacion”, — noted in press service.

The company said that among the new products in 2018 for the surge of requests were the most popular: Huawei Honor 10 (first place), Apple iPhone iPhone XS and XR (second place), Huawei P20 Pro (third place). Among the films: “Avengers: infinity War”, “Deadpool 2”, “moving up”. Among the series: “Major”, “house arrest” and “Junior”.

“Among the shows most Russians to watch the marriage show — the first two lines in the top of the took transfer-twins “Marry Buzova” and “the Bachelor” Egor Creed. In addition, telespace — songs and dances, two talk shows, two shows about a radical transformation, two of the battle of psychics” — said the press service.

The press service added that among the games were the most popular: Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. Among the music: “Kazka — Crying”, “CYGO — Panda E”, “MATRANG — jellyfish”. Among the memes: “Uganda Knuckles”, “Thug” and “Three in the headdress”.

“The interest in a particular topic “Yandex” determines how often ask about her. However, to identify the theme of the year just by the number of queries will not work. Like top say nothing about the passing year: in the list of people informed will be those who consistently show on TV, the event list will consist of festivals and annual sports competitions and so forth. To find themes, typical for the year, we are compiling the rankings by the number of requests, and the largest wave of interest. Wave we call a powerful increase in the number of requests”, — concluded the press service.

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