This week was full of events, both in the world and in Russia itself. “The essence of the Events” another look at the news and made an overview of the most important and interesting of them.

27 may
Monday opened a cheerful message to the world media that the US President Donald trump became the first foreign leader to meet the new Emperor of Japan.

Routine, of course, but sometimes better to chew (even if not a big Mac and sushi), than to negotiate in a style that became characteristic of the new American leader of recent times. Either you trade war, no great wall, no threats, no sanctions against Sony or Toyota, no breaking of contracts or relationships. In General, there were at this time peaceful. All right!

The Ministry of defence has proposed a number of innovations relating to medical examination before sending in the army. The Agency called for tougher rules of passage of medical examination of conscripts.

If you think it is that the army took not the pathetic lot, and healthier guys, here is just the opposite. For unfit for service will be added to the rigid control of military-medical examination, and are able to survive the recruits will be treated to suitable for army status. It’s hard to say yet how, but I remember the good soldier švejk (then all patients were treated with pudding, clistere) the closer the Soviet times, when Soviet medicine horse preferred shares of the magnesia lower back up until the sick soldier does not become unbearably better.

Later became aware of the reaction the founder and President of Huawei, Ren Jantea on the persecution, which staged around the world for his company with the filing of the same trump of American power. Despite the bellicose proposals countrymen he opposed any retaliation against Apple.

“I’ll be the first to protest”, — he said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Ren Zhengfei humbly named Apple as their teacher and said that without this company there would be mobile Internet.

The wise approach! Especially when you take into consideration that his daughter, Banjo advance man arrested in Canada at the request of the US for alleged violation of sanctions against Iran and awaits deportation to the United States.

If Kuku not to interfere, with the task to drop the Apple he himself is perfectly good, paying market in China alone is several times more American and at high technology and chip production, the Chinese are already many ahead of their envious competitors.

Meanwhile, in this eventful Monday the Investigative Committee announced that it has opened a criminal case against the head of the Shira region of Khakassia, member of “United Russia” Sergei Zaitsev after the “incident with the journalist”, which was reflected in the fact that bykovatye head of administration knocked down and kicked in the face a journalist. asking the tough questions.

Fearing again to be trapped and find themselves on the wrong side of Valentina Matvienko almost with a tearful voice called fighter with the media to resign, the Investigative Committee called the massacre “by obstructing the lawful professional activities of journalists”, and the hares announced all of the “planned action” and “bullets an interview,” and said that he intends to file a statement of misconduct to the investigating authorities.

The video scene, which appeared on TV, received a wide public resonance.

Dmitry Medvedev on Monday for, like, the thousandth time announced the cancellation of intra-network roaming, which is not supposed to be and which finally will not be from the 1st of June. Yay!

Even more interesting is that in response to the cancellation of a couple of years ago roaming in the EU countries, Russia also decided to cancel roaming with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

How old is this idea even while no one predicted not taken.

Tired of the failures and criticism of detractors, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin posted on its website a video of lightning in the rocket “Soyuz”. Contrary to expectations, after being hit in the third step (or maybe just because of this) the rocket returned to the launch site and not burned after a hard landing, and quietly flew away into outer space. Another nice surprise.

Journalists on Monday went again. This time in the Stavropol region, and is more serious than in Khakassia. Resentful at the failure to publish in the Communist newspaper “Rodina” about Stalin, Zyuganov and Grudinin, older author grabbed a hidden in the newspaper a hunting knife and injured four people.

The author was taken to a mental hospital, Stalin the incident of harm caused, Zyuganov chose fools not to take offense, and place Grudinina I would have tensed. What is not a reason to try to chop off a few hundred acres of suburban land?!

In Austria, their troubles, and the reason that we even laugh anyone could not. On charges of corruption in the secret negotiations with the daughter of a Russian oligarch, was dismissed not only his helper, but all governments are the only Chancellor from the higher education with him at the head, as Chancellor of Ostarrichi became the first woman.

Or maybe it was a female conspiracy?!

The head of audit chamber and authoritative financial administration Alexei Kudrin on Monday once again spoiled the mood of the Russians, considering that the growth of the VVR Russia in 2019 will be less than 1%, but is likely to be even lower.

But does this scare us? Now, if he said 50% and only 30, we would be upset. And 1% or 0.1%, to us to spit. Less level of popularity unpleasant opposition, for whom decent media don’t even call.

28 may
Tuesday morning started with the fact that we not only learned that in Europe there is still the problem of Kosovo, but even there are two approaches to its solution. This was stated by President Alexander Vucic, who recently visited President Putin himself.

As it turned out, the first solution to the problem, according to the Serbian President, to do nothing. The second is to establish good neighborly relations. Judging by the fact that all the days that followed, the two countries teetered on the brink of war, the Kosovo special forces were cleared from armed militants populated by Serbs the territory of Serbia collected the army and air force on the border, and who knows how they got in Kosovo, the Russian diplomat to leave the country with bruises on her face, was chosen the second option — establishing relations.

Russian airlines, which were voluntarily-forcibly include a mix of imported avionics and Russian metal proudly named passenger aircraft “Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100” decided to use the tragic incident in Sheremetyevo, to see if it fly at all. And then they hit a flurry of Patriotic criticism. Frankly, I see only one reliable way to check the integrity certification and reliability is constantly breaking miracle of the domestic aviation industry of modern times: to equip them with a government squadron. If they fly and the number of landings at the point of destination will be more or less equal to the number of takeoffs, then there is nothing to argue. A masterpiece!

When we get another gem from Rosstat, or VTsIOM, is constantly reminded of become a classic paradigm of comrade Stalin: “the Cadres decide everything!” This week both of these state organizations have again shown themselves not up to the mark. Rosstat said that 15% of Russians have enough money only for food. Don’t know whether this means that the remaining food is not very short, but still a politically immature statement. Anyway, on booze we have many too, something remains, and rags Russians except the stars of show business are not always very fond of.

VTSIOM went further and even said that the rating of public confidence in Putin has fallen to historically record low value of 31%. Quickly realizing that blurted out that something was wrong, immediately announced that the rating of confidence is not the electoral rating (by the way, where’d he come from, the election, if Putin finalizes the last time?!), and that in actual fact its activities approve 2/3 of Russians. Do not trust, but wisely approve everything that the President did not? The analysts on TV channels rushed to the defense rating even more: in their opinion, such an insane rating, as 31% of all other politicians in the world can only dream of.

Well, well…

The Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation proposed to introduce administrative responsibility for the issuance of extracts on real estate to third parties. Officially due to that it will help in the fight against dealers. But who needs information on the availability of someone’s Khrushchev in Bilibino? Apparently, another law on behalf of the opposition, which we call. Arrears of taxes to specify every prohibited, quadrocopters outside the law, and now the listings are closed. And no information — no real estate. Peace and quiet!

On Tuesday, Putin received the award from the hands of Moscow (if someone does not know — appointed interim President of Kazakhstan). Tokayev has awarded Putin with the order of the name of the main Leader. Of course, a courtesy. Which would be a good idea to respond symmetrically. Suppose now that Putin will award Nazarbayev the order of Medvedev, for example.

Deputies of the State Duma on Tuesday adopted in the first reading the draft law on the compensation of mortgage loans. The document provides payment to families with three or more children.

According to him, in repayment of the loan from the Federal budget to large families will be allocated 450 thousand roubles. The procedure of payment of compensation and the conditions under which the right for her, it is planned to define the second reading of the document.

Well, let’s see. The earth large by the decree of President Medvedev’ve been poured. Tried with his wife to find in Moscow at least on what, that this land was allocated… All as in Ball. Indian hut we drew!

A tectonic shift would not have caused so much turmoil we have on TV, as a message that President Zelensky returned to Ukrainian citizenship to ex-President of Georgia Saakashvili. It would seem, who cares about a downed pilot? But bezrybe and cancer, so to speak, fish.

On Tuesday, our readers were able to learn how to get rid of a headache without a therapist, pharmacies, and even up Pentalgin. It turns out that for all accidents (or are concerned about the environmental component) may come milk, fish, apples and lemons.

As told by the doctors, nonfat milk will help to reduce headache due to the high content of potassium and calcium, and fish will be useful in dealing with spasms because of the b vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

According to these experts, one of the causes of headache could be lowering the level of blood sugar. To restore it you can eat a few servings of fruit, such as apples or lemons.

In General, the expression “eat the lemon” in relation to too happy a person may happen to have another meaning

29 may
On Wednesday morning we once again saw how true and how timely undertook to help Mr. Maduro. Central Bank of Venezuela has officially announced that inflation in 2018 amounted to 130 thousand percent. I wonder how index pensions and children’s allowances in this country for the year?

Instead of the envelope give a sack of candy wrappers bolivars? It’s certainly their business, just as we would with a mountain of wrappers not to stay.

Further, it is also interesting. Hardness in relation to “Transneft” showed comrade Silvanus, who suddenly said that for “schools company” the state has to pay should not. And who should, if 79% of the shares belongs to the state? Maybe the oilmen, who in a tube the dirtiest poured? But it is sacred. They can’t be to blame.

The public chamber has proposed to the parent capital to add his father’s. The venture is completely empty, because the money is still there. And the idea to make the parent capital father you can think of. Who in the end make children? If every large father but by “Lada”… and The children a lot more will run, and the “Frets” you can attach.

Irina Yarovaya, is not only a multibillion-dollar nonsense about listening, writing and voyeurism in the Duma to make, but something sensible. For example, proposed a ban on pulupandan collectors to transfer the debts for housing and communal services. Which is very reasonable. Because in a country where half can pay, and the amount of debt is approaching a trillion, and no debtors to stay. In General, though conscientious pay. While others wait until their debts written off.

Wednesday came to us, and other useful news. For example, the former Chief sanitary doctor and now Deputy Gennady Onishchenko suggested that elderly Russians eat less. But other medical experts said that sleeping with no pants is much better than in lingerie. And not just because underwear is not worn. Here are the five reasons — see for yourself, if interested.

Fans of “Game of thrones” (which, I confess, count myself) has required not just to redo the last season, but also to discharge its creators from the set of “star wars” (while all the Jedi killed, apparently).

Thought. The idea rich. Sorry our classics died, and it would be nice and thick ending of “Anna Karenina” to be rewritten to make. But at the same time weak and the epilogue of “War and peace” the other group of authors to alter to. Boring after all!

30 may
On Thursday, President Putin has stifled the activity of foreigners to serve in Russian army where the Russians, for some reason to serve is not very eager. The changes are small but important. If earlier tadjiki-Kyrgyz could serve us under contract indefinitely, now that the happiness they once fall out will be.

In KBR revealed the criminal community of police officers. That’s strange? Now, if in a criminal organization would have found a community police assistance — Yes!

The Federal Antimonopoly service has promised to investigate the situation with the prices for tickets in economy class cars. With complaints rising cost earlier, the office addressed the Russian Association of the passengers. The considerable rise in price — 65-100%. This applies to tickets for the next two months. However, the Federal passenger company (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) without batting an eye said that this information is not true. They say that the price has not changed since the end of last year. But suggested that complaints may be associated with the cancellation of the previous discounts.

A clever idea? Deftly! How much is the ticket to Uryupinsk, for example? Yes 1000 rubles! Come tomorrow, shoved a thousand, and you answered — a thousand come on! What? Twice more expensive?! — No price increase. Has always been so. Simple discount over…

Oh, what a long time the traffic police with the people in the battle did not go. But, came. First, I want nestrashnye the speed limit to be reduced. Secondly, again to raise the fines — now for those who are often fined (in other places, regular customers discounts do, by the way!) Thirdly, plant worse than murderers -monsters drunk drivers. Here only question: who will be considered drunk? Before 0.3 ppm was: 0,16 then, in Europe, almost everywhere to 0.5, in England, Ireland and Malta — 0,8… that is, if in Russia, even not your fault, but the glass of drink you can sit for 10 years, But if in Bulgaria you sober to count and you’re free. Maybe you will understand more thoroughly? Of course, if you or a loved, the road in the wrong place running, sober and experienced driver will crush. But the difference is still small. And to sit a long time!

31 may
While we happily drowned in the ocean station “Mir” and climbed on the bird’s rights to participate in the ISS, there is little wonder than it is to turn can. And we just used. No missiles — the same Americans to the ISS on our old fly. They have built their own — decided 23 years under the Russian ban to send. Security, damn it! Above all.

Good-bye, rush! And your journalist Rogozin hi pass, which is above us scoffed and offered to ISS on a trampoline to jump on.

But in the Ministry of foreign Affairs to people smarter than sitting. Friendship with Japan, when with the whole world in the counter, we really need. But the irresponsible behavior of the Japanese, lastresponse that on the Northern territories almost agreed, and our leaders are in an awkward situation put in front of a Patriotic society, and the Japanese are no Islands left. So about Lavrov once again urged the Japanese not to talk too much and the public with the theme “peace Treaty” did not excite.

Dubious idea to give a second name already has a beautiful historical names airports still won. On Friday, Putin awarded additional names (middle names?) three Moscow avahanam, and also more and 37 regional. Sheremetyevo is now unknown where to bear the name of Pushkin. Domodedovo — Lomonosov. Vnukovo Tupolev.

Confused passengers, they certainly will. Well, okay! But now Sheremetyeva with Pushkin pedigree. And you want the third name to each think of!

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