The first pancake is always lumpy.

The company Royole serial introduced the first foldable smartphone FlexPai and invited visitors of the exhibition CES 2019 to try it out. However, it is better to be an unusual novelty with a flexible display remains in the revision. According to the tested new users FlexPai with an impressive price of $1320 is terribly underdeveloped. However, sales began.

Tested original new users were completely dissatisfied with it. In less than an hour use on curved screen FlexPai there is a visible black stripes and spots, and the colors distorted. This indicates a low quality of the display and inability to perform their main unusual feature.

But the main problems arose from FlexPai with optimization of the Android operating system. Flexible smartphone screen is constantly appearing different distortions, which became especially noticeable when folding and unfolding the device. Distortion was accompanied by a major slow-downs, which is to use a smartphone was impossible.

Despite all these shortcomings, FlexPai successfully went on sale. Buy unusual, but, unfortunately, unfinished a novelty at the moment only in the United States and China. The cost of the smartphone is $1320, which on the current exchange rate excluding taxes and duties is more than 88 thousand rubles.

Source: The Verge.


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