Today marks 20 years since the day when Apple CEO Steve jobs introduced the world’s first laptop with wireless Internet iBook.

Bright model iBook was aimed at students and everyday users. The laptop is noticeably stood out from the barely portable “bricks” of the time the unique lightweight design of the shell and trim translucent plastic in several bright colors.

The original iBook cost from 1599 dollars and was equipped with a 12-inch display with a resolution of 800×600 pixels, a full-size keyboard and trackpad. The hinge of the extendible carry handle that turns a laptop when folded into a kind of briefcase. Apple promoted the device as “mobile iMac”, though weighed laptop is not so little — all 3 kg.

He became the first consumer computer with wireless network connection — 802.11 b, allows us to develop the data transfer rate to 11 Mbit/s And support was not built, and sold via a separately sold expansion card AirPort for $ 99.

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