Condition 18 of billionaires on Monday declined from $1 billion amid falling stock markets, estimated by us Forbes.

The “leader” turned out to be the richest man in France, owner of Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault. His fortune fell by $4 billion to $91,7 billion so far the year was for Arno successfully in July French billionaire briefly surpassed Microsoft co-founder bill gates and became the second in the list of the richest people in the world.

Again second: bill gates overtook the owner of Louis Vuitton in the list of the richest people in the world

The state of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Monday fell by $2.7 billion to $67.6 billion as the former CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison — $2.5 billion to $65.4 billion Loss, bill gates Forbes estimated $1.4 billion of His fortune amounted to $102 billion As co-founder of Google search engine Sergey Brin declined by $1.6 billion to $51.9 billion

Falling markets have affected Chinese billionaires. The state’s wealthiest businessman of China, Tencent founder MA Huatana decreased by $1.6 billion to $38.3 billion

Monday 5 August was the worst day for the stock markets. By the close of trading the S&P 500 index fell by 3%, the biggest decline in a day since December 4, Reuters reports. Capitalization of the companies included in the index, declined by $766 billion the Dow Jones Index on Monday fell by 2.9%, the Nasdaq by 3.5%. The S&P 500 index Information Technology (paper technology companies) fell by 4.1%. Apple shares fell 5.2%. The yield on 10-year Treasury bonds at the same time fell to the lowest level since the election of President Donald trump, Bloomberg reported.

The Agency connects the market with increasing investor concerns over the escalation of the trade war between China and the US. Last week the US President, Donald trump has announced plans to introduce a new fee at the rate of 10% on imported goods from China worth $300 billion a year. In turn, Beijing decided to suspend the import of agricultural products from the United States, sources told Bloomberg. In addition, on Monday, trump has accused China of manipulating the currency. This happened after the people’s Bank of China set the average exchange rate of the yuan at a level 6,9225 for the dollar below the psychologically important level of 7 yuan to the dollar.

Investors began to realize the consequences of the protracted conflict between China and the United States and switched to other assets, says Bloomberg. For example, gold has risen to $1.5 thousand per ounce, also began to rise, the Japanese yen and cryptocurrencies. “If a trade war escalates, we may before the recession to negotiate — the kind of concern we see today in the markets,” said Financial Times the head of the global division of securities of the company PineBridge Investments Anik sen.

On Tuesday the Chinese Central Bank set the average exchange rate of 6,9683 yuan per dollar. This is above the forecast of 19 traders and analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.

Oil and the ruble fell sharply after trump’s decision to impose new tariffs on Chinese imports

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