The next presentation of the Apple in the framework developers conference 2019 has produced mixed feelings — on the one hand, the company introduced many new products and updates, but on the other hand has once again showed nothing from which breathtaking. What’s going on inside Apple and what changes takes place in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

During WWDC Apple showed a large number of features, products and updates that were presented as innovation from kupertinovtsy, but in fact was a repetition of already existing other brands of technology. According to the portal the Verge, the company “sins” this year already — Apple is introducing in their gadgets convenient features of its competitors, so users will not be tempted to switch to other products.

One such feature was the button “Sign in with Apple”, or “Sign in with Apple”. The company now offers people to use the services using your Apple account instead of login via Facebook or Google who came up with this move before WWDC 2019. However, given the current attitude of the public to the companies Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai, Apple tried to go to security and privacy that Facebook and Google can provide is not always sufficient to recall the numerous leaks of databases.

Apple “stole” from Google maps Street View function that allows you to watch panoramic views of streets of different cities of the world. The “Apple” it was called Look Around, but this difference is in principle over. Users of Google Maps, perhaps, will switch to Apple maps thanks to the advent of this feature, but it only works in the U.S., so a large outflow should not count.

In iOS 13 will be “new method” of typing messages — with a swipe of your finger, without lifting it on the screen. Apple calls its QuickPath Typing. This technology was introduced more than five years ago and actively used on smartphones based on Android.

The functions important for Apple, as they will help to divert the audience from the competition, but this is not what we are used to seeing “Apple”.

If before the innovation was breathtaking, and it seemed that Apple is the only company that carries the progress to the masses, now the position of the sole leader is quite blurred.

In the back breathe Samsung, Huawei and some other Chinese companies, less hyped, but no less ambitious.

The portal Mashable also noted a shift in the established paradigm Apple. During the presentation, senior Vice President of software development Craig Federighi joked about iTunes — he talked about the fact that legacy media player will be added to the email and access Safari. Many people in the audience did not understand the humor and uttered shouts of approval, and this is understandable — before, as they say “conservatives”, “if Steve Jobs”, Apple has never allowed himself to joke about his own products on stage.

In addition, Apple almost never puts the car in reverse. They have never failed experiments, no adjustments along the way. Sometimes rare apology, but always in the form of official written statements. CEO Tim cook and his team can’t afford to make a mistake. Even the rejection of the charging Mat AirPower, the production of which was impossible, was the most quiet.

The only time Steve jobs admitted the mistake during the presentation, it was the event of 2011, which was first shown iCloud. The Creator of Apple was criticized predecessor of iCloud called MobileMe. “It was not our best idea. But we learned a lot,” — said Steve jobs from the stage.

Apple is managed by Tim cook is gradually slipping into a parody of themselves.

Jokes from over iTunes Federighi during the presentation was perceived as something alien and incomprehensible. But the most funny joke from Apple was the presentation of the stand for the monitor for $999. The stand does not carry any functions other than support of the screen is just a piece of metal.

“I don’t like to play the game “when Steve Jobs was not like this”. However, it seems to me that the founder of the company clearly know where the limits are and what to do, not to get ridiculed in the media. He would never have released such a product at this price”, — writes columnist for Mashable, Chris Taylor.

Stand for a thousand dollars really went on the Internet.

“Only Apple can demand $1000 for the stand and puts it on display as a work of art,” writes Quartz columnist Mike Murphy.

While Chris Taylor notes that Apple never comment, if we are talking about the criticism in their address. Moreover, they even forbid to mention the fact that a journalist approached him for comment.

“Some kind of Orwellian dystopia,” said Taylor.

A record decline in sales of iPhones also demonstrates that the interest in Apple is falling worldwide, but the company pretends that it did not concern her. Instead of trying to match its previous level, the company started services and now trying to break into the already saturated market of streaming. Judging by the cold reception Apple TV+ in March, the plan for Tim cook and his team might be not so perfect as he thought.

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