Cheap Internet and a billion in tariffs? No, not heard.

Many residents of border regions of Russia and often travel in the near abroad. From Karelia to Finland’s doorstep, so true, Karel visited Finland several times a year.

Those who drive very often, sooner or later are thinking about purchasing a local sim card and faced with the interesting features.

Prepaid and conventional tariffs

Mobile operators in Finland, not so much: Telia (aka Sonera until recently), Elisa c subsidiary, and DNA. Maybe there are some other small company, known only to the locals, but hardly a tourist or fresh moved man to ever encounter them.

If in Russia almost all operators use the advance method of payment: threw the money into the bill and talk until they were withdrawn in Finland the bill come later. Depending on the operator, the delay can be from two weeks to six months. That is, people with standard connection will pay the July talks until mid August.

On the one hand it is convenient — you pay only for what is really spent, besides, not immediately. But there are downsides: connect the constant number of only those who have lived in Finland for more than a year or two — different operators have different requirements.

And until that time will have to use a prepaid number. This sim card costs about 5-7 euros, depending on region and carrier, the money is typically immediately transferred to the account. You can recharge it as well as in Russia.

But prepaid rates are much more expensive than usual — to call and write SMS to them is just not profitable, and to access the Internet is terribly wasteful, even with the Finnish income.

You can ask, “Finnish” friend to make room for themselves, but few people agreed to it. Who needs someone else’s account? Besides, without a Finnish Internet Bank to pay for them is quite problematic.

Typically the monthly fee depends on the selected options. Typically, operators have several packages of minutes and SMS, to each of which you can add and unlimited Internet. Depending on the needs of the client, monthly fee for cellular services will be from 20 to 50 euros.

For tourism prepaid sim card is enough. And description, for example to study, are forced to go with what we have. But they are very actively use instant messengers, because to find free Wi-Fi is easy.

Public Wi-Fi

Each city little Finland has its own unique features. In the centre of a large settlement of Eastern Finland you can find free public Wi-Fi. It is an open network with all the risks of unprotected connections, and not always a stable signal. But sometimes they help me out. As a rule, the best such works in the city library.

Free Wi-Fi in cafes and bars owned by the major networks. In small local establishments, Wi-Fi for visitors may not be.

Home Internet

Connect Internet home too, only those who are permanently residing in Finland for more than a year or two. And service providers — those same mobile operators.

The contract employee communication company checks if they have routers which can work in your home. As a rule, the apartment has one special “socket” for the Internet, but in the old and new homes of their modification may vary significantly. To move the socket in a removable housing is unlikely to succeed. But with their own housing can be nuanced.

If everything is in order in a few days, and sometimes weeks, after execution of the contract will come in the mail box with the router. The router must be connected to the same outlet, and after some time he will start to distribute the network. The network name and password set by the factory settings. To change them is quite difficult, and even meaningless combinations of access codes to meet all safety standards.

In difficult cases, for example, if a house is built a very long time, the company does not send router a sends a special person who brings everything he needed with him, and configures the network.

The contract is for a fixed term, during which to give up the Internet, just to pay the fine. The extension usually happens automatically. For some operators, again for a fixed period, others every month.

The bill for the Internet is also comes later.

Typically, rates for home interet unlimited. The size of the payment depends on the data rate. The average fee is from 20 to 50 euros per month.

Those who moved to Finland for a long time, solve the problem with the Internet in different ways.

Students, as a rule, remove the housing from special organizations dealing along with everyday issues. When choosing an apartment it is possible to order the router.

The other or make a contract for the company, if came as entrepreneurs, or produce a portable router.

This along with the Internet rate can be executed at a mobile operator — this option is available for those who lived in the country for more than six months and is ready to pay a Deposit for the device. Also a portable router you can find at the flea market, and any operator to issue a special prepaid sim card for the Internet. Then unlimited connection to the network will cost about a Euro a day.

There is no variety

The Finnish market is so small that rates from all providers has leveled off and remain roughly on the same level. Moreover, in order to attract new customers, companies are forced to offer additional options. Connecting to the framework of the special promotion campaigns, for example, you can get three months of free access to channels like HBO and entertainment services, unlimited Internet access, or higher data package without additional cost or the possibility to terminate the contract after two years, as usual, and after a year.

But it is not difficult to keep any number, including prepaid, by changing the type of sim card, fare class or the cellular operator.


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