It is no secret that the social network “Vkontakte” wielded a lot of scams. Today it became known that they began to use new unconventional method of tricking users “Vkontakte” with the purpose of stealing money from Bank accounts. About the scheme in detail told one user, who personally encountered the attack on the new scheme.

Personal approach

The crooks started to use the extremely unusual pattern of deception with the most personal approach. Initially they choose a victim, focusing mainly on users with low computer literacy. They then create a full copy of the page of one of the victim’s friends. The page is copied fully into account, even small details.

The creation of fake pages, which perfectly follows the page of one of the victim’s friends, and makes this method unusual. The fact is that due to the irregular course of the fraud is not required to crack the user pages. This opens up a huge scope for fraud.

A real page of a friend of the victim

Due to this, the attacker does not have to work with already compromised pages. It can find exactly the most suitable of victims who are gullible and have a low level of computer literacy. Tracking of such users takes place in various social network groups. And already having found a suitable victim, the scammer is adjusted specifically for her, creating a fake page which is a copy of the page of a friend of the victim.

Fake page of a friend of the victim

Next, the scammer contacts the victim with a fake page on behalf of a friend, colleague or even a relative of the victim. From victims under various pretexts, requires money transfer. And since the attacker chooses the more gullible of victims, in many cases, they do send you the money.

Method discovered a few days ago, so users of the social network of “Vkontakte” are advised to be especially vigilant.


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