Last Sunday, without loud official announcements have been released update of the stable branch of Linux kernel from 4.20 to 5.0. Lead developer of Linux, Linus Torvalds has published the complete list of new features on the developer forum Linux.

Note that as with the versions 3.0 and 4.0, the transition to a new numerical number is a mere formality and does not depend on radical innovations. However, a number of small changes relative to previous versions has increased significantly.

A list of the major changes, innovations and bug fixes in Linux 5.0:

transferred energy-efficient task scheduler for processors of architecture of ARM big.LITTLE of Android OS;

support for Protocol encryption Google Adiantum for low-bandwidth devices without the ability to use a block encryption algorithm AES;

in AMDGPU driver added support for FreeSync technology;

implemented file system BinderFS;

the opportunity to host the paging file in Btrfs;

UDP support added flag MSG_ZEROCOPY and GRO (Generic Receive Offload);

in seccomp realized the possibility of removal of handler locks in user space;

added support for NVM arrays-a memory with the built-in operations security, such as password protection, cleaning and blocking;

added driver for touch screen Raspberry Pi.

Full list of changes, innovations and bug fixes available on the official website.

In addition, the Latin American free software Foundation immediately published a completely free kernel 5.0 Linux called Linux-libre 5.0-gnu.

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