One of the YouTube users has posted a video owned by Apple. The videos contained instructions for repairing iPhone. They were intended for internal use by employees of the Corporation.

With 11 videos that users can see with special tools, the company which repairs Apple products. Among them — the instructions for replacing the battery, screen and other iPhone components of X. Also, the rollers are contained the materials for repairing the MacBook Pro and iMac, according to Motherboard.

According to Arman Haji, who posted the data he found them completely by chance in the vastness of Twitter and downloaded. Then an account of the author of the publication was deleted, so he decided to put them on YouTube for further reference.

Earlier wrote that a group of scientists from the University of Adelaide has developed a revolutionary technology for instant charging of smartphones, which will soon be able to use the owners of Apple products. Based on the experts took the principles of high-speed movement of the charge and quantum entanglement.


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