It’s been a little over five years from the time that Apple led by Tim cook, bought the company Beats. Then Beats came full access to Apple technologies. And now to the manufacturer realized the need to make true wireless earbuds as an alternative to the main AirPods. So was born the Beats Powerbeats Pro is a fully wireless flagship headphones from Apple. Large, attached to the ears otherwise. In short, the exact opposite of the popular earpods — no miniature. Is there something to pay? Because headphones are clearly not cheap.

No matter how nicely or seem AirPods in the ad photos, for Jogging and serious sports use them it’s still scary. Secure attachment is not, therefore, a sudden movement they can withstand not always. That’s why Apple has the need for headphones that have almost the same chips as AirPods, but with a reliable lock, good battery life and a full moisture protection.


Have to give credit to Apple for their influence on design Department Beats. More minimalism in everything, neat silhouettes. It was so in the “blood” from Beats before the transition under the wing of Apple, but now it is brought almost to the absolute. After all, fit the small inscription “Apple Inc.” is necessary.

The earphones themselves — the continuation of the idea of the old set, which is necessary with a rubber holder to wear on the ear. At the same time, due to the smooth lines, Powerbeats Pro does not look massive. No bright flashy colors, headphones are perfect for almost any outfit, wherever you’re going.

This is convenient because often the sports version of the headphones get the “acid” plastic inserts, which, frankly, looks tacky and weird. Headphones or monochrome, either white or black — other, in principle, not necessary.

Around ear cushions Beats decided to place optical sensors. They help headphones determine their position in space and to understand on the ears if you have them or not (as Apple has done in the case of AirPods). In the photos below you can see these sensors. Those glossy plastic inserts, Yes.

C controls are all simple: on each earpiece there is a physical home button (one click pause, two clicks — next track, three presses previous track) and volume rocker. In General, such duplication of buttons is convenient because you don’t always need the hand can be free.

A rather big weight of each earphone is that Powerbeats Pro can work up to nine hours on a single charge. Along with the case, namely, as an independent piece of equipment — the result of some very difficult and almost unattainable to other manufacturers. After that you come to terms with their size. For sacrifice size for which there is. Enough even on transatlantic flights or a flight from Moscow to Vladivostok.

The case of the headset is huge and it’s not very good. If you go out for a run and you don’t have belt bags, the case will have to leave the house. Just put it in the pocket will not work. Fortunately, enough autonomy to exercise with the head. You’re not going to run 9 hours straight?

If you thought that except in design, delicious with Apple would have no impact, then you were wrong. Case charged from wire Lightning to USB A. as Anyone, but this seems unnecessary. Well, if the headphones came out two years ago, but now, in 2019, when the Apple puts in their laptops, Type-C, such a motley company of the wires seems unnecessary. Okay, if you have an iPhone, but for Android users is definitely not the best option.

I mentioned access to technology Apple. In Powerbeats Pro CPU is installed in the H1, the same as in the Apple AirPods second generation. It provides a stable connection (Bluetooth class 1) to the devices without the connection distance up to 100 meters.

By the way, thanks to a new processor, headphones perceive the command “Hey, Siri!” just like that. It is not necessary to press any button to “reach out” to the voice assistant. Now you know that Powerbeats Pro is an alternative specifically for AirPods? On Android half the “chips” are simply not working.

The sound here is good. Not bad, not great, but it was good. It is enough for everyday needs. No extra noise at high volume, sounds distorted and just get louder without losing quality. The bass parts stand out particularly strongly, because “fat” and powerful bass — the original distinctive feature, perhaps, of all the Beats headphones.

Other frequencies may seem not so rich, but costs a bit to set the EQ and sound is good change. Thus it is possible to get rid of the slight dullness of the sound to obtain optimal sound. Although maybe you all will like and touch the equalizer is not necessary. Well, if you still do not like the supplied ear pads, you can buy the same ear cushions from Comply. The sound and noise isolation will be better.


The main feature of the headphones well, or disadvantage for someone — is the focus on the audience for Apple. Still, this is not Xiaomi, to joyfully and without restrictions to connect the device to any smartphone. Instantly connect with your Android smartphone is missing. Yes, even the indication in the status bar no.

Of course, you can “cut” them to their mobile OSes from Google, but will this at least some sense? Actually not as bad as it might seem initially, because Beats has its own app that somehow copes with displaying charge percent and somewhat simplifies the connection. Crutches, where without them?

The connection process is simple only on the iPhone. It is not necessary to clamp any button, wait how many seconds to look at the led. Just put the case next to an iPhone or other smartphone with the application installed Beats, open it, and the headphones themselves are connected, opening the device window with information about the condition of the headphones.

The results

If you’re a fan of Apple and prefer an active lifestyle, and white and boring AirPods you can not stand on the spirit, the Beats Powerbeats Pro — the most it.

You can use them as a headset, wearing only one earphone to choose from, and as a full-fledged sports headphones, which is terrible even sea water. And in fashion, most likely, they will also be included. The only question of time, because the headphones look straight from the premium segment and, of course, will find its buyers with a more active advertising campaign. After all, there and and different colors to choose from, and not just pretty bored white and nice shape of headphones. In short, Beats under the leadership Apple managed to create a really cool product. But the price…

Competitors Powerbeats Pro is very hard to find even in ultrazoom segment. Neither Bang&Olufsen nor Bose could not do something similar with the same capacity battery. If you have an extra 20 thousand rubles, you can surely take these headphones in addition to your iPhone or flagship Android. The purchase will justify itself.

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