Why we decided to build our own delivery service
Over the last few years courier services in Russia made a qualitative leap forward. In the early 2010s, the market was characterized by the absence of providers who could provide high-quality delivery. However, due to its extensive industry experience and actions of the trendsetters, including technology, the situation has changed for the better. This applies to parameters such as time, geographic presence and service quality, as well as the adequacy of the price.
However, the industry is still in early development. Current players will seriously work on the two main components of effective delivery:

degree of business processes,

quality of training of couriers.

Especially that area in the near future will boom, due to the growth of Russian e-commerce segment. According to the forecast of the Bank, USB, on average up to 2022 market will add 15%.

Needs the online retail (and offline) in the delivery services will only increase. In 2018, this niche was growing rapidly, and there is every reason to believe that the process will only accelerate. The industry may be a new high-tech uber-players who will push existing providers. This seems unlikely, but you should pay attention to the case of Indonesian startup Go-Jek, which is the rate of growth broke records, Uber (for three years from the simple application and 20 stories of tuk tuks to the capitalization of $5 billion and Fortune).

In the growing market of online retailers shipping remains one of the most important competitive factors. To put it metaphorically, often the courier is the face of the online retailer.

You can improve marketing tools to introduce personalized loyalty programs, however, the “length of life” of the customer ultimately depends on the quality of courier service. It is the desire to fully control the “last mile” and provide customers the most positive shopping experience made us its time to run your own delivery service — Express LM.

The basic rules of its own delivery service Lamoda
We don’t teach couriers to sell
Lamoda refused such job as a courier. All our goods carry sales representatives. Before starting work, they receive comprehensive information about the brands, the range of the company, they are familiar with the features of a product, learn to answer customer questions and tell you about special offers.
The company now employs more than 2,500 trained sales representatives. They daily carry out the delivery orders with options fitting, partial redemption and pay by card, in cash or in installments.
Sales representatives are always dressed in branded uniform, look and communicate with the buyer as experienced consultants, keeping communication clear and friendly.

The income of sales representatives depend on their goals, the Earnings of employees the “last mile” delivery to 85% depends on the quality of work and the number of successful trades that are affected by goosenest orders, the percentage of their compensation, as well as the level of service and customer experience. Additional sales provide revenue growth sales representatives, and the number of failures can have a detrimental effect.

That is why they are highly motivated for speed, accuracy and courtesy, as well as Advisory services and assistance with the selection. It is a complete shopping consultants who feel the face of the company, which creates an additional motivation (besides financial).

The system of payroll and bonuses transparent and every employee can track their activity and the level of earnings in a special personal account for internal resource Lamoda.

Employees delivery tech-savvy
Despite the fact that in Russia the customers, online stores are still often paid in cash upon delivery, the share of non-cash payment methods is constantly growing. For example, the explosive growth of plastic cards: according to statistics, their share in the first half of 2019 has increased almost three times (in comparison with the first half of 2018). Fast gaining popularity of contactless and mobile types — Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, which in 2018 was increased by 3.5 times.

Given the trends, carriers today must have digital literacy as a minimum, to work the cash register, to be able to make any system of payment which the retailer promised to the client.

Lamoda sales representatives are required to carry all the necessary equipment for making of cash transactions: tablet with articles and photographs of products, cash register, receiver cards, Bluetooth printer, and other devices.

We monitor staff delivery through technology
Today, the business is beginning to actively use the system remote control employees including, for example, can be called Wialon. According digital recruiter Tecla, often to it management tools as “field services” uses exactly the transport sector (61%), which includes both freight, and delivery services.
The popularity of digital solutions is easily explained, because for the industry it is critical to monitor the movements and monitor the location of employees on the map, which greatly improves the discipline and allows you to maintain a high standard of service.

An important part of the service Lamoda is the timely delivery in the stated time intervals. For Moscow and several other of the most populous cities of Russia, they can be limiting for the market accuracy in 15 minutes. To provide such indicators helps in-house it development and management system for monitoring indicators delivery sales representatives in real time, including SLA delivery. It includes the following functionality:

Tracking. Panel connected with working smartphone trade representative application, allowing you to identify the location at any time (up to 5-10 meters), see the migration route and also to understand how much time the employee spends in transit and the customer.

Router. Function allows not only to calculate the optimal route of travel trade representative for the city with all the orders that he needs to breed, but to dynamically change it, if any of the customers proposed to postpone the time of delivery or are urgently needed to deliver additional shipment.

Analyst. The system can automatically keep a record of the efficiency of use of working time sales representative, to figure out where his actions when delivery was not optimal to account for these errors when forming new routes.

These rules helped to build its own Lamoda delivery service sales representatives with a high focus on quality of service and sales processes. Thus, the ratio of repeat purchases from customers using services of an LM Express, about 7% higher than the competition. And the growth of the total orders for each city service, which was engaged in own delivery service Lamoda, 25% higher.

How to build a good courier service?

Set goals: why you need a courier service only to transfer the goods to the customer or to provide additional sales and consulting services; minimize returns; to increase the “length of life” of the client; to reduce the burden on the customer service and so on.

Based on the goals, to recruit staff and conduct appropriate training.

To motivate employees by putting earnings in dependence on KPI
To implement a standard SLA.

To monitor their implementation using it tools control.

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