The President of the United States Donald trump is experiencing dislike of Silicon valley, and his last CNBC interview just proved it. The American leader pointed to the problem of monopolization in the industry, and also hinted at millions in fines for Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and other big players.

The President of the United States Donald trump gave an interview to CNBC in which he touched upon a wide range of topics. Has not managed and without discussion of Silicon valley companies with which the American leader a protracted vendetta.

First of all, trump still believes that social networks and online platforms are biased towards him and deliberately publish only bad news. Answering the question of a possible antitrust investigation against Facebook and Amazon, the President sat on his favorite skate.

“People are talking about some conspiracy, but the real collusion between these companies and Democrats — said trump. They opposed me during the race. Everyone told me that if I do not enlist their support, you will not win. So, I won and will win again.”

The bias of social networks in relation to Republicans and politicians with conservative views has become one of the favorite themes of Donald trump in recent years. According to the President, Twitter, Google and Facebook deliberately diskriminerad it.

The American President noted that “the trump news”, the search engine offers mainly “the media to create fake news.”

“In other words, they are all rigged, for me and others, so that all history and news is bad. Especially notable is the fake CNN. Republican/conservative and honest media are excluded. Illegal?” — wrote trump.

According to him, 96% results for request “trump news” are references to the Federal mass media bias to the left.

“It is very dangerous. Google and others suppress the votes of conservatives and hide good information and news. They control what we can and cannot see. This is a very serious situation, we understand!” he added.

As for antitrust review in relation to companies in Silicon valley, trump acknowledged that IT-giants is probably breaking the law. He noted that the European Union is “always condemned them”, referring to a series of antitrust fines the European Commission to Google, the largest of which reached $5 billion

Also, the us President hinted that the penalties may expect the Valley and in the United States.

“They [the European Union] get all the money! We need them to be fined, it’s our company,” said trump in an interview.

Not without discussing the situation with Huawei, which has become a major victim of the trade war between the US and China. The President still believes the Chinese manufacturer a threat to US national security, but also considers Huawei as a trump card in bargaining with the Chinese government.

“I see it [Huawei] danger. But at the same time, it would be nice if we did something for Huawei in the framework of our trade negotiations with China,” concluded the American President.

At the beginning of June of current year it became known that the American government would launch an antitrust investigation against Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, regulators will have to find out whether tech company abused its dominant position on the market.

The trial will be implemented by the Federal trade Commission, which will Amazon and Facebook, and the Ministry of justice, which will check Apple and Google. This event could be unprecedented, as it implies a large-scale test of the largest brands in the world.

In favor of the investigation against Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google favors both Republicans and Democrats, to show solidarity with the position of Donald trump.

According to the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the business model of Google and Facebook is subject to “scrutiny”.

“They have too much power, and no limits,” said Graham.

Democrat Richard Blumenthal also demanded that Federal agencies take decisive action against Silicon valley.

“Such predatory seizure of power to require strict and rigid investigations, and antitrust sanctions,” wrote the Senator from Connecticut on his Twitter account.

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