In 2018, the world has completed several high-profile cases of hackers. Many came to the dock for a multimillion-dollar damage to the economy, some out of stupidity and almost by accident. Who are these evil geniuses and that the crimes they committed — in the material “”.

Max ray Butler (vision), nicknamed the Iceman, was arrested in 2007 for the systematic hacking networks and stealing the payment data of thousands of people. He led a large criminal market, called CardersMarket: the hackers have teamed up in the army and fought a war with the rich. He faced up to 60 years in prison. To avoid punishment, he pleaded guilty and escaped with a 13-year period. Recently, however, it became clear that even in jail a blackhat not abandoned their criminal “business”.

The new indictment States that the perpetrator has established a network of money laundering, while in the Federal correctional institution in Louisiana. It is reported that in October 2014 (the eighth year of his sentence) Iceman got contraband phone myTouch T-Mobile Android. Year the culprit lurking to get used to the gadget and check it out. By the end of 2015, the hacker went online and again took up the stolen debit card. All the necessary information he received on hacker forums on the darknet.

Having the card numbers, vision used the mobile application, Moneygram and Western Union, to 300 dollars to smuggle stolen to the accounts of other prisoners. The indictment mentions five of the defendants — Bank robbers and drug dealers serving sentences up to 15 years. Under us law, inmates Federal colonies can receive and send funds from its special accounts: so they can spend them for personal needs or send prison earnings to their families. The gang members took advantage of this loophole and brought the money to the “will.” Thus Vijnu and his accomplices managed to launder large sums of money.

The gang was planning to expand. An accomplice of the hacker Jason Tidwell, his former cellmate, bought unmanned aerial vehicle, which threw him into the prison package with mobile phones, tobacco and drugs. Parcel successfully “adopted” prisoners.

Vision was transferred to the detention center Adelanto near Los Angeles, then he was charged. Hacker rejects all of his points. He also launched two lawsuits against prison officers. “I was not involved in this case — I did not have in the yard, I have never had a phone, and the supposed phantom package is not even offered as evidence,” he said. Blame the offender is transferred to a member of his gang, Philip Tyler Hammons. According to his version, even the phone myTouch found in his bathroom, belongs to Hammons: he said that he repeatedly boasted of their freedom in the network. Co-defendant says the same thing about Vision.

Hacker was released from prison in the spring of 2019, but will it happen after the new charges is unknown.

Hackers often portrayed as evil and heartless creatures, but some of them really know how to make friends. However, altruism comes at a price. 27-year-old Conrads, Waits of Ypsilanti in April of 2018, received a seven-year prison sentence for trying to rescue his friend from behind bars.

“Escape” was organized a year earlier. In early 2017, Waits pelted prison officers with phishing emails, luring them to a malicious website, in an attempt to infiltrate into the computer system companies. When this operation is not successful, the hacker went the other way: he called his victims, it was represented as an IT specialist, and recommended updates to the electronic document. In fact he slipped to the victims of the infected file, which stole passwords, user names and other personal information.

The intrusion was discovered, when Votes took individual cases of prisoners XJail and corrected the date of the liberation of his friend. The case was referred to the FBI, and was quickly arrested. Six months later, he pleaded guilty, and now will go to jail for 87 months with a subsequent three year probation period. Also he will have to cover the costs of the investigation and the consequences of hacking — 235,5 thousand dollars.

Three months after the verdict Waits in the USA was announced the court’s decision in the case “the most incompetent criminal in the Internet”, as dubbed it the media. Randall Charles Tucker received multi-year prison term for what brought down the city of the American city of Madison.

23-the summer guy organized a DDoS attack on local emergency services, including the hotline rescue 911. Apparently, Tucker was Hagerstown from boredom and idleness: with 2014 he from time to time attacked various government or business enterprises. None of the target did not attract him for long: he randomly passed from one victim to another.

All future crimes he loudly announced for personal accounts in social networks, and later reported on their actions on the forums. The offender was very proud that for several years no responsibility for their actions, and called themselves “bichenovii Baron”. However, his opinion of himself was shared by a few colleagues accused Tucker of negligence, bad hacking skills and use of automated tools. “Hacker, crazy, homophobic, Troll”, — concluded edition of the Observer, calling the guy an idiot.

The prosecution was required to send a hacker to jail for almost three and a half years, the court decided that it is enough for 30 months. The damage from the actions of Tucker was estimated at 69 thousand dollars. This term will be his third: he was convicted of assault on his father and hacking into the children’s hospital. He explained that he chose victims based on personal reasons and feelings: under the blow fell, those who seemed to him bad and dishonest.

In 2018, ended a long process in the case of a British teenager Kane Gamble. In 2015 and 2016 he has plagued American intelligence agencies. A fifteen year old, who suffers from autism spectrum disorder, broke into the accounts of N. I. Director James Clapper, and communicated on his behalf with a variety of public figures. Later, the same thing he did with the pages of the CIA John Brennan, and even took control of your iPad his wife.

Collecting huge amounts of data on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, secret military facilities of the United States, as well as personal information of the CIA and the FBI, he published them online on various websites, including WikiLeaks. The teenager acted on behalf of Pro-Palestinian groups Crachas With Attitude, which has created itself. All the “plum” he was accompanied by slogans about the liberation of the Palestinians, and mocking posts on Twitter.

When he got bored with cyberborea, gamble began to draw. He’s been calling various political figures on home phones, and also gave their name to the orders of the police. Pretending to be a Clapper, he set his phone to forward calls. Now all incoming calls came into the office of the movement “Free Palestine”.

In addition, gamble a hacked smart TV in the house of the Minister of internal security of the United States Jeha Johnson and brought him the message: “You belong to me”. Later investigation qualified it as an invasion of privacy.

The result, apparently, waiting for adulthood Gamble. In the spring he was sentenced to two years in prison for cyberterrorism. The judge took into account the level of difficulty and intensity of attacks as well as the extent of the damage. Youngest hacker explained that only fought corruption and brutality American authorities.

The favorite victims of hackers, in addition to politicians have become celebrities. Anonymous criminals, with impunity, steal personal photos of the stars and call for the persecution of celebrities. In 2018, ended a high-profile case Celebgate: the last cracker from the grouping named George, Garofano was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Four years ago a group of criminals hacked into the Apple iCloud accounts of Hollywood stars and leaking stored intimate photos. Among the victims was actress Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten dunst and Kate Upton. In the words of Garofano, he sent them phishing emails on behalf of the security team Apple and demanded the extradition of the password.

The Federal court found that a half years of hacking, Garofano 240 hacked accounts. For the systematic violation of the law, the prosecution demanded to set him supervision after his prison term. Three “colleagues”, Garofano on Celebgate has already been sentenced to prison terms ranging from nine to 18 months.

At the same time, the group Celeb Jihad continues to publish online Nude photos of stars. Hackers believe it is their duty to “cleanse” the world from evil, accompanied intimate photos of humiliating comments. Anonymous criminals identify themselves with the radical jihadists and called its primary objective “the destruction of the poisonous pop culture of America.”

A resident of Romania Calin Mateas, known online as Dr. Mengele, was a fugitive from justice for almost eight years. Big fan of World of Warcraft, he wanted to pursue a victorious raids, the envy of rivals. To achieve its goal, a 38-year-old man spent more than six months of a DDoS attack the servers of Blizzard. He hoped that the abundance of passing traffic will disturb others to join in the game.

In the end, the hacking turned to the Mateas in eSports: he was to bet with other players on the outcome of the raids or the production section.

American authorities have charged the sparkle gamer charges in 2011, but to seek his extradition was only 6 years later. He is currently serving his one-year term in a prison in the United States. Later, he will have to pay 30 thousand dollars damages in favor of the attacked company.

The Central figure of the cybercriminal world this year was the canadian Baratov Karim. 23-year-old boy admitted that from 2010 to 2017 was adopted on the darknet orders for the email hacks, mostly Yahoo and Gmail. The value of their services estimated at $ 100. During his career Baratov had to crank more than 11 thousand break-ins. The investigation believes that his clients were employees of the security services.

The criminal activity presented Baratova comfortable existence. He boasted that dropped out of school and can fully support themselves by the earnings in the network. He lived in an elite district and was known among his neighbors as a fan of expensive rare cars. The hacker has repeatedly demonstrated in social networks for luxury cars and a watch that allegedly belonged to him.

Baratov was arrested in the spring of 2017. The prosecution was required to conduct a show trial and put the hacker in jail for almost eight years. Criminal lawyers asked for leniency, saying that his break-ins did not lead to serious consequences. The Prosecutor objected, according to him, the burglar was the worst offender.

Despite the youth of the defendant and his inexperience in the criminal sphere, the court sentenced Baratova to five years in prison and a fine of 250 thousand dollars. The investigation concluded that customers have abused the information received, and therefore, the attacker deliberately worsened the lives of hundreds of people. “In the universe hacking crimes, in a way, this is one of the greatest evils,” said judge Vince Chhabria.

Baratov has publicly apologized to all victims. “All I can do is to promise to become a better person, obeying the law and asking for a second chance,” he said in court.

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