In macOS, Mojave Apple dramatically updated the Mac App Store. However, almost all the changes affected only the appearance of the store. Perhaps for this reason, third-party developers are still not happy with the Mac App Store and not in a hurry to place your application.

Some time ago, the company Setapp conducted a survey among software developers for macOS. The experts found that, despite these changes, many publishers and developers still not too happy with the Mac App Store.

Also, experts Setapp been able to find out the most frequent claims to the corporate Apple store. In most cases developers are not satisfied with a long and complex process of checking programs before publication, the absence of detailed statistics, that it cannot respond to user reviews, as well as her inability to submit to the App Store trial apps.

Experts Setapp noted that only 22% of all surveyed developers publish their apps only from the Mac App Store. About 32 % of the respondents prefer not to use a corporate Apple store. But most developers distribute their applications both through the Mac App Store and via third-party platforms or their own websites.


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