According to the SMS sending, which many subscribers “the Megaphone” has begun to receive the fourth of August, 15 August 2018 base period for the calculation of the number of options in terms of Internet traffic will be reduced to 28 days.

A slight reduction of the payment period will lead to the fact that users will be forced to pay for telecommunications services to most — 13, instead of 12 times a year.

Representatives “the Megaphone” assert that innovations refer to additional options and will not affect those subscribers who managed to go to the tariff “jump!”. Change the payment period will lead to the fact that users will get fresh traffic package every four weeks. This will allow you to spend gigabytes more efficiently and not pay for exhausted in the last days of the month.

The innovation will affect tariff plans:

  • The Internet’s;
  • Internet S 2015;
  • Internet S 2018;
  • Internet M;
  • Internet M 2015;
  • Internet M 2018;
  • Internet L;
  • Internet L 2015;
  • Internet L 2018;
  • Internet XL;
  • Internet XL 2015;
  • Internet XL 2018;
  • The Internet Tablet’s;
  • The Internet Tablet’s 2018.

This news has caused mass indignation in social networks. Subscribers have decided that the cellular operator has its own benefit, and did not care about the convenience of the customers.

Perhaps such measures are designed to encourage subscribers to switch to new tariff plans, payment for which will be charged in the usual way — 1 time per calendar month.


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