Facebook announced the gradual introduction of new functions, which supposedly will help the user to monitor and delete personal information that websites and applications communicates with the social network. However, the media criticized the initiative Zuckerberg, saying that about any removal of the question — the user may simply disconnect from the system, but gathered information about it will continue to be stored on the servers.

Facebook is planning to introduce features that allow users to see and control the information that other apps and sites to share with the social network. It is reported in the official blog of the company.

If the user you want to disconnect your account search history on other sites, then Facebook will not be able to show him targeted ads.

In publications devoted to new features, explains how it works. For example, if a user accesses the Internet store and looks at a particular pair of shoes, then this website shares data about the user and his preferences with Facebook, which, in turn, then shows him the shoes and other goods store to force people to go to shopping.

But if the user decides to use the new feature to delete data on his Internet activity outside of Facebook, the social network will never know that he had visited the online store.

“We won’t know what websites you visited and what it was doing, and we will not use collected data for targeted advertising in Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. We understand that this may have an impact on our business, but we believe that giving people control over their own data is a more important task,” — said in a statement.

A new feature will be gradually introduced in Ireland, South Korea and Spain, and then spread to other countries.

With a scandal Cambridge Analytica has been more than a year, but Facebook has started to make efforts to protect the privacy of users is only now, when the Federal trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. fined the company a record $5 billion it is Known that regulators in other countries also have claims to the practices of the company Mark Zuckerberg, so the introduction of new functions is a kind of preventive measure to keep them quiet.

However, as noted by The Guardian, the problem lies not even in that Facebook responds to crises only when to ignore them is impossible.

A new feature involves turning the social network profile from other Internet activity, but does not mean that the collected data will be deleted from the servers of Facebook — they will continue to be stored there but will not be used by the company.

The button that enables this feature is called “delete history”.

In addition, the feature isn’t enabled by default. Given that many users do not think about their own privacy, there is a possibility that they will never know about the mute button, which is hidden deep in your profile settings.

In mid-August, the company Facebook has admitted that hired contractors, so they transcribed voice messages of users of Facebook Messenger. It was argued that the transcript was conducted with the consent of the users, but the privacy policy of social network the ability of gathering personal information is reasonably blurry.

As explained in the company, gathering and deciphering information were carried out to improve recognition of sounds.

While Facebook pointed to the fact that “suspended” this practice about a week ago.

It is expected that Facebook decided to abandon the recording of personal conversations and decrypt them a week ago, when a similar scandal has embroiled Apple. The manufacturer of gadgets filed in court due to wiretapping of voice prompts to Siri assistant.

At the end of July it became known that the Federal trade Commission has fined Facebook $5 billion for the leakage of user data in the scandal with the Cambridge Analytica. In the Department this measure was called “unprecedented.”

However, even if in the history of the FTC this is the largest fine for Facebook is a very small amount. Some experts argue that it is equivalent to the monthly revenue, which means Zuckerberg was able to relatively easily get rid of after the scandal, which affected nearly 90 million people.

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