Apple take semetkovce Friday. It’s time to relax and to dream. For example, what could be iOS in future updates.
The biggest change that we have long been waiting for the update to Siri. And if iOS 12, she became smarter with the introduction of Labels, then the voice assistant is still one problem.
Why call the digital assistant and while they clutter up the whole screen? The Apple watch can do.

Yes, the designer presented, for me, the best display option for Siri. Just crawl out the window and not overlapping all programs.
And it would be great to teach voice assistant to remember past requests and provide the ability to quickly refer to them. For example, to create a single event in different programs. Or simple interactions when you are in different applications.

Or so. Siri can offer improved multitasking based on your calendar events and your current location:

Another option is using pop-up Windows Siri — flip the pages hands-free.

And the last thing suggested designer.
You can ask Siri to display all available tickets for the day. This can be as simple a reminder, a pending article and the unfinished message in the Mail app.

As for me, this implementation of Siri in iOS 13 would be just gorgeous. Voice assistant does not prevent you to use the device and not annoying.
I really hope that Apple will do something similar in iOS 13.


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