News Agency Reuters with reference to the letter of Vice-President Apple Kate Adams (Kate Adams) Senator-Democrat from the state of Rhode island Sheldon Whitehouse to reports about the plans of Apple to create a special resource for police requests.

A new tool that can be launched before the end of this year, needs to simplify the work of law enforcement. In particular, with the help of special resource police will be able to request data relating to the devices. In addition to querying using the new service, the law enforcement officers will also be able to track the progress of their applications and quickly access to the collected data.

Earlier cupertinos was responsible for the law enforcement agencies by email. However, only over the past year, Apple responded to 14,000 inquiries. Apparently, a large number of applications and pushed kupertinovtsy for creating full-fledged resource.

The letter stated that together with the online Apple is also planning to create a separate unit, whose staff will train law enforcement officers and help them to work with the new tool.


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