In addition to new information about iPad mini 5 the authors of the authoritative Japanese resource Macotakara has also shared some data regarding iPhone 2019. According to sources of the site, Apple will continue to equip their smart phones with Lightning connectors.

After the release of the iPad Pro 2018 many have begun to hope that Apple will gradually abandon its proprietary Lightning connector and go to USB-C. In the past about such possibilities, some analysts said. However, if we believe the sources of Macotakara, the cupertinos will continue to use in your proprietary iPhone connector.

In addition, the coming autumn users may have to wait for another major disappointment. According to Macotakara, cupertinos not only does not plan to abandon Lightning, but will continue to equip its smartphones low-power 5-watt chargers.

It is assumed that in this way Cupertino are trying to reduce production costs, which ultimately will help them not to raise the cost of their new gadgets.


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