If you believe the publication Consomac, this year Apple may unveil some new monolights. According to the authors of the resource, it suddenly disappeared tagging is “new”, which yesterday was the iMac of the latest generation, placed on the official website of Apple company.

Journalists Consomac sure that Apple may introduce an updated all-in-ones in September or October of this year. However, any major changes from the coming update is not worth waiting. The authors of the publication noted that Apple is unlikely to equip your iMac performance filling or somehow change their appearance.

Most likely, the updated monoblocks will receive six-core processors, Coffee Lake, more RAM and perhaps SSD that will replace the Fusion Drive hybrid storage devices.

It is worth noting that the imminent release of the new iMac, previously reported by respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to him, the announcement of the new AIO is scheduled for September of this year.


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