Last year was for Apple not too successful. In most cases this is due to the low sales of the latest Apple smartphones. However, if you believe the forecasts of experts Credit Suisse, in 2019, the situation will worsen even more. Analysts expect the fall in iPhone sales from 12.4%. For comparison, last year sales went down by 3.2 percent.

Experts Credit Suisse say that now cupertinos are in a rather difficult position. This is due primarily to the increased “life cycle” of mobile devices. According to the latest estimates, the average duration of use of iPhone has increased to four years, and this adversely affects sales of Apple’s smartphones.

Analysts believe that this year, the cupertinos will try to compensate for the drop in sales of iPhone increase in the price of the new model. On the one hand this will allow Apple to make more money selling fewer devices. But on the other hand, this approach could further reduce sales, as the key problem iPhone the 2018 model year, many called it the cost.

Experts Credit Suisse believe that Apple knows about these problems. It is for this reason that the cupertinos have been actively engaged in the development of their services that the plan management Apple company, have become the main source of income. However, this does not happen quickly.


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