Apple is trying to hide the fact that the engineers of the Corporation are developing self-driving car. However, there are employees revealing some details of this project.

Recently, the FBI arrested a former employee of Apple, who revealed the trade secret of the Corporation, revealing some details of the creation of Autonomous machines Corporation. During the secret service investigation revealed other details.

According to one of the special agents in the development of Project Titan involves about 5,000 employees of the Corporation. Only part of which has access to sensitive company data.

Despite all Apple’s efforts to conceal their product, it’s safe to say that the company’s engineers are working on something related to the movement in the car. Perhaps this is not a complete vehicle but only advanced autopilot.

Apple has started to hire the appropriate staff in 2015. During this time, the engineers could easily achieve some success and even collect existing prototypes. And so began a serious leak, ending a prison term.

When Project Titan is complete, is unknown. But what is clear is that Apple has not abandoned this product (who went to work on an unnecessary project for more than 5 000 people?) and fans of the company all-taki, most likely, wait for the car with the Apple logo. Even if it is specified only in the interface of the autopilot.


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