Apple continues to enhance its patent portfolio with documents that describe the technologies that can help when creating a corporate vehicle. For example, recently became aware of the fact that kupertinovtsy registered a new patent. It describes several intelligent safety systems for the car of the future.

Just a patent application there is a description of the three safety systems. One of them will have to control the road in the dark and warn the driver if the headlights suddenly appear an obstacle. The other system will be using the head light to signal oncoming cars, if the driver of the vehicle began to perform dangerous maneuvers.

But the most interesting development is the third system. It will be projected on the windshield of the car a variety of useful information. For example, to illuminate pedestrians. This is especially significant should be in low visibility conditions.

For all three systems security engineers from Cupertino offered to equip the car brand set of sensors and lidars. In addition, the cars must receive the advanced software, able to collect and interpret data.

As usual, right now there is no information about the timing of the implementation described in the patent of ideas.


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