Apple became the most valuable company in the world with a market capitalization of more than $ 1 trillion. The company has a lot of fans but haters too much. Below — the three most common reasons because of which the mention of Apple is causing negative feelings.


Price is one of the main factors when buying. Apple has never been cheap, but rather the opposite — Apple devices are often more expensive competitors.

Most likely, many readers MacDigger understand why, for example, the MacBook Pro is so expensive. If not, let me remind you — it has no competitors. This often happens with all Apple devices.

Any laptop in the MacBook loses. It could be a bad case, poor screen and weaker specs — it doesn’t matter, Apple laptops are always a cut above.

It is understood not all. For many, the MacBook is just a laptop with Apple, which is no different from analog on Windows. This leads to the following problem.


I often heard that Apple device you buy only in order to emphasize their status. Simply put, to boast.

Of course, there are buyers. But they are clearly not the most either I’m very much mistaken. I have met people for whom iPhone is the way to stand out (although still don’t understand how if it is every second). The more I met people who said that got used to iOS and don’t want to be retrained. But most often I come across people for whom the iPhone is simply beautiful and user-friendly smartphone.

Operating systems

I prefer to think that the war between the followers of Android and iOS is long over. But sometimes I’m surprised when people write to the shortcomings of iOS is the most stupid problems.

For example, the inability to connect the phone cable to the computer to use it as a USB flash drive. Or the inability to change themes, fonts, ringtones (this can be done, just need to spend five minutes).

macOS is often criticized because of bad optimization for games. Most of all, I don’t understand reviewers that test the top-end MacBook Pro with games, and on the basis of that draw conclusions on performance. And there are many, very much so.

iOS to criticize due to the presence of bugs, which sometimes greatly hinder the work. You can even add that you cannot select a default application or to mention a bad dialer. But it definitely can not be blamed for the inability to change fonts.

I don’t like about Apple operating systems is that their functionality depends on the region. Why not give the opportunity to the owners of the Russian Apple ID to buy books in iBook Store? Riddle me this, given that with a us Apple ID to buy books in any language, including Russian.

Siri’s capabilities are directly dependent on the region. Russian Siri is much dumber than the American version. So when in the English reviews I read some criticism of the voice assistant Apple, I just envy them because they didn’t communicate with the Russian Siri.

But despite this, Apple still gives me positive emotions. Most of the shortcomings that called the Apple haters just have nothing to do with reality.


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