Program fresh collection will help you to measure all the angles, to convert voice messages to text and win space invaders.

Spiko for WhatsApp

There are times when to send a voice message in WhatsApp is faster and easier than typing a long text. However, the recipient is not always convenient to listen to such a message. For those users who often gets voice from friends and acquaintances, Oliver Mason have created an app Spiko, which helps to convert voice messages into text. The program recognizes many languages, including Russian.

Usually this app costs around five dollars, but temporarily it can be downloaded for free in the App Store.


Situation “a closet full, nothing to wear” is familiar to many women. App YourApparel will help you organize your closet and simplify meal choice. It takes into account the personal preferences of the user and is suitable for anyone, regardless of his sex and age. The program sistematizirovat outfits and is able to find sets for everyday wear and for special events.

The app can be downloaded in the AppStore for free. There are in-app purchases.

Angle Meter Pro

App Angle Meter Pro will make the iPhone even more versatile and useful tool. It helps to measure the degree of various angles. Measurements as possible with the help of smartphone case and relying on the camera image. The program has a built-in level Builder.

Usually this app costs around two dollars, but temporarily it can be downloaded in the App Store for free.

Super Space X

The game Super Space X will turn the user into a pilot of a spaceship, in the way that often catch dangerous meteorites and laser missiles fired by enemies. Pixel graphics, original music and designed levels will help you take in thinking about space and to get away from routine things.

Usually this app costs about a dollar, but temporarily it can be downloaded in the App Store for free.


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