Moscow, October 15 — “News. Economy” a Popular Chinese video service TikTok has acquired a new office in Silicon valley and began to poach Facebook employees, told CNBC sources familiar with the situation.

Recently a Chinese company moved to an office in mountain view, California, which had been occupied by the staff of the messenger WhatsApp, owned by Facebook. New office TikTok is just a few miles from the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, and the level of rivalry between the two companies goes from fighting for young users before the battle of of employees who.

TikTok is a social network that allows you to create short music videos, live broadcasts and share posts. In China known as Douyin. Launched in September 2016, is currently the leading video platform for short videos in China and is becoming increasingly popular in other countries, becoming one of the fastest growing and most downloaded app.

It is believed that the main audience of this social networks are teenagers. However, in China, where the app is most popular, 60% of users in the age range 25-44 years, while outside China 43% of users older than the age interval 16-24.

At the moment the app is used by over 700 million people per day. For comparison, Facebook says that the daily audience is more than 2.1 billion people.

Along with a new office, TikTok and ByteDance has published numerous vacancy announcements, reports LinkedIn. In 2018, the company hired more than two dozen employees from Facebook.

A call to leave Facebook for TikTok is associated with a desire to work in a popular company that is experiencing a period of extreme growth, told CNBC by two former employees of Facebook who are now working in TikTok. Although Facebook has undeniable advantages, such as free meals during the day, TikTok offers a competitive salary. According to one of interlocutors of the edition, TikTok offers a salary 20% higher than Facebook.

One source said TikTok is interested in hiring employees with experience from competitors, as this will help to fix issues arising with the rapidly growing technology.

In the words of another person, poaching experts from Facebook have led to the fact that TikTok hired more people from other technology companies, including Snap, Hulu, Apple, YouTube and Amazon.

In addition to its new office, TikTok also plans to modernize its headquarters in CULVER city, California, near Los Angeles. In early 2020, the company will move to the new office, designed for 1000 staff, told CNBC people familiar with the plans of the company.

Facebook is not yet included TikTok to the list of competitors in their financial documents, as did Twitter and Snap, but the company, however, has come to the attention of Zuckerberg.

The head of Facebook, during an internal meeting with employees in July of 2019 admitted that TikTok was the first consumer Internet product from China, which good things at the global level and not just at home.

According to Zuckerberg, TikTok like youth and increasing popularity in many countries, including USA and India. And in India it has already surpassed Instagram, Zuckerberg noted.

To compete with TikTok Zuckerberg is going through the Lasso application. Facebook released it in November of 2018, so far it’s only available in the United States. In functionality it is similar to TikTok: it is also possible to record a short video with music.

“We are working to start Lasso in countries such as Mexico, where TikTok is still not very popular. And then we plan to reach those markets, where TikTok has achieved great success, to compete with him,” said Zuckerberg.

The head of Facebook said that TikTok is spending a lot of money on promotion, without advertising it will not have high rates user retention. Zuckerberg is sure that the niche is TikTok, in its infancy, and Facebook is the time to understand the trend and lead it.

Recently, the company “Yandex” announced the launch of a new mobile app Sloy to publish a short video with elements of augmented reality. Thanks to computer vision technology, the software automatically recognizes the brands of things put on the person, and allows him to try on virtual goods.

“The main content Sloy short films in different genres: from videolocal to unboxing, — stated in the press release of “Yandex”. — Authors may publish them in your feed, adding effects, filters and masks with built-in video editor and music tracks written specifically for Sloy”.

Recommendations formed individually for each user. Videos can be commented and saved in a personal collection. Technology, which Sloy “knows” this or that thing was designed in the “Yandex.” Clicking on the recognized object, such as sneakers, users can find clips with similar items of clothing.

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