In an interview with Axios CEO of Apple admitted that recently became significantly less likely to use their iPhone and even blocked most of the notifications.

Tim cook noted that not long ago he gave up many push notifications, and also became significantly less likely to read news feeds on your smartphone. All this helped him to release a certain amount of time.

On the one hand, the head of Apple is to be congratulated. However, in this way, Tim cook clearly confirmed that today, many mobile device owners are too attached to their gadgets. In addition, some saw in such statement the head of the Apple alarm “the sign”, hinting that Apple’s smartphones are no longer interesting even to employees of the company.

In his interview Tim cook also addressed a number of issues concerning the regulation of the Internet and the free market. The head of Apple, the company expressed confidence that excessive control of the market by the state can lead to the decline of the economy. In cook’s opinion, is market regulation the state needs to devote more efforts to the establishment of initiatives and mechanisms that will ensure the security of user data.


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