Recently Apple held its annual investor meeting. In the framework of this event, which was held at the Apple Park, Tim cook spoke about the main achievements of the company and shared plans for the future. Also Apple CEO touched on yet unannounced products.

According to Tim cook, now the company is going quite well. At the same time in the near future cupertinos plans to reduce prices on some of its products to stimulate sales growth. In particular, will soon have cheaper MacBook Air in 2018. However, unknown how much lower the price of the last “air” Apple laptop.

As for the new products, Tim cook confirmed that the company is now actively working on AirPods and Apple Watch the new generation. Thus any details he didn’t share. The only thing said the head of Apple is that the new products will be “fantastic”.

The last statement corresponds to the recent Tim cook rumors. Recall that just a few days ago the author of the popular resource XDA Max Weinbach, citing its own reliable sources reported that Apple is preparing “something amazing”.

In addition, during the event, Tim cook touched on issues related to services. The head of Apple, the company is confident that by 2020 they will increase revenue from selling services to $ 50 billion. Apparently, this is supposed to help new services, as well as gradually rising incomes.


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