Not long ago, the Apple CEO spoke to reporters of the publication Fast Company. During the interview, Tim cook answered a few questions related to Apple Music and order with which the service was created.

According to the head of Apple, while working on Apple Music company never pursued goals to earn as much money as possible. The music service was created primarily to promote music as one of the most important types of contemporary art.

For this reason, a compilation of almost all of the playlists in Apple Music are not special computer algorithms, but real people. Thanks to this feature, each selection of tracks is unique and carries a piece of the author.

If you believe the rumors, then in the future in the streaming service from Apple will not only music and videos, but also various video content. The latter cupertinos plans to create their own. At the moment the company has already allocated about $ 4 billion on creating your series. It is expected that the first show from Apple could launch this year.


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