Today Apple, like any public company answerable to investors. Last expect from kupertinovtsy positive reports and continuous revenue growth. However, according to Tim cook, this strategy is not quite true. Instead of having to satisfy investors and to strive for high profits, a more productive approach is to focus on the customer. For this reason, cook joined the movement Business Roundtable.

At the moment members of the Business Roundtable are heads more than 180 large companies. They all believe that now the main public companies need to become not interesting to investors and consumers. Thus, it is possible to achieve better results.

The members of Business Roundtable established five basic principles that should help in the development of the company:

  • To protect the interests of customers, trying to meet their needs.
  • To invest in its employees.
  • To observe ethics of business relations with partners.
  • To respect human rights and care for the environment.
  • To create a platform for long-term, not short-term gain.

It is difficult to say exactly how the decision will affect Tim cook become a member of the Business Roundtable on the future policies of Apple. It is possible that in the coming year, the cupertinos will really begin to focus on the desires of users. This, for example, may lead to a revision of pricing policy.


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