Apple CEO Tim cook in a column for Time magazine called the Federal trade Commission (FTC) to focus on the “data sellers” — companies that collect digital data and sell them. In cook’s opinion, the Agency should carefully monitor how these companies use and where to transmit the collected information. In addition, the FTC should give users more power to control their data.

Cook, along with other leaders of technology companies, has called for broad reform of U.S. Federal law in the field of data protection. “One of the biggest problems here is that many violations are invisible,” writes cook. Apple CEO explains that when consumers buy something online, owners of online stores often sell or transmit purchase information to the “data sellers”. Those, in turn, wrap it and resell. “Let me get this straight: you have never signed up for it,” he concludes.

This secondary market data, according to cook, is poorly controlled and is beyond the field of view of the users, regulators and legislators. As a result there are unauthorized leakage of data, and users becoming more difficult to control your digital life.

However, to solve this problem really, says cook. For that he calls to create an information platform and require all “data sellers” to register it, and give users the ability to track all operations with your data. The latter should also allow to remove information about yourself from the platform “online and easy, once and for all”.

The FTC is an independent Agency of the U.S. government that deals with consumer protection and monitors compliance with the antitrust laws.

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