Apple CEO Tim cook has described as absurd an article in The Wall Street Journal, which called reasons for leaving the chief designer jony Ive, according to CNBC. “This story (told in the article — RNS) is absurd. Most of the information and, of course, conclusions are not true. At a basic level it shows a lack of understanding of how the design team and how to work Apple. The article distorts relationships, decisions and events to such an extent that we just don’t know the company, about which it is written,” replied cook in the corresponding request channel. The Wall Street Journal, citing several sources reported earlier that Ive “more and more distant from the leadership of Apple,” partly because he was disappointed with the work of the company under the control of the cook. “People at the design Studio of rarely-seen cook, who, according to them, had little interest in the process of product development — a fact that upset the Quince,” said the publication. Colin Schwartz, senior Vice President of public relations The Wall Street Journal, said that the publication subscribes to the position of journalist. The night of 28 June it became known that Apple design chief jony Ive leaves the company before the end of the year after more than 25 years. Reported in the official press release of the company. The leaders of the design team, Apple (Evans Hankey and Alan dye) will report to Jeff Williams, chief operating officer at Apple, explained in the company.

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