Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an article in which he described one of the reasons why Jonathan Ive has decided to leave Apple. According to the journalists, the designer was not happy with the lack of interest in the new products Tim cook. Today, this material commented on the Apple CEO, calling it absurd.

According to Tim cook, the history of the source is absurd, and the conclusions drawn by journalists does not correspond to the real situation in the company. Apple’s CEO noted that the source of The Wall Street Journal is not familiar with how it works designers Apple.

I wonder what Jonathan Ive declined to comment on the article. Thus he noted that now Apple has gathered a strong team of designers. In his opinion, she is as strong as ever.

Notably, Tim cook also shared his view on the departure of Jonathan Ive and employees of the company. The current head of Apple has described the resignation of the chief designer is an evolutionary step for the company, from which she will benefit. While cook recalls that Jonathan Ive will continue to cooperate with Apple, and therefore, together they can create more interesting products.


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