Last week jony Ive announced his retirement from Apple. According to him, now he plans to work in a private company called LoveFrom the first client which will not let go of his Apple.

As expected, the news triggered a flurry of news, articles, and just different gossip. So, according to sources of The Wall Street Journal, in recent times Apple design chief felt most depressed in his company. This was due to her approach to design, which significantly differed from the vision of Steve jobs. In the end, every discussion of an issue regarding the appearance of a new product ended in nothing. And after the leaks it becomes clear why in recent years the company’s products be very questionable in terms of design and reliability — we need only recall the long-suffering MacBook Pro in recent years.

And now, regarding all this was expressed by the head of Apple — Tim cook. Usually silent and loving to respond to attacks on the company, this time cook if the chain broke: “History is absurd. Many of the articles and conclusions drawn from them are simply not true. We see the lack of understanding of how the team is and how it works Apple. It distorts the essence of the relationship within our walls to such an extent that we just don’t know the company they describe.” He also added that at the moment the team of designers and developers is stronger than ever. In cook’s opinion, in the near future it will only flourish and new projects that we are preparing former colleagues Quince, will strike us to the core.

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