Moscow, June 5 — “News. The economy is” Apple is not a monopoly, said CEO Tim cook in an interview with CBS. Apple’s CEO also noted that he was more worried fake news than the likelihood that China will retaliate in the company on the background of aggravation of the trade war.

In an interview with CBS News reporter Norah O’donnell cook made the protection of the company amid reports that Federal regulators can conduct investigations against major technology companies, including Apple on the subject of anti-competitive conduct.

The judicial Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress had earlier announced that he will hold a series of hearings about the possible monopolization of the market of the largest U.S. technology companies.

The investigation can touch on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Each of these corporations has attracted the attention of us lawmakers in connection with their dominance in the field of social networking, online advertising, online search, online Commerce and mobile applications.

The Committee stressed in its statement that it would consider inter alia the question of how existing antitrust legislation enacted in the era before the development of the Internet adequately the current situation where a few large players dominate in the field of technology and the Internet. Committee initiative enjoys support among the legislators of Democrats and among Republicans.

Calls to limit the growing influence of big American technology companies have begun to circulate in recent years among scholars and activists, these appeals were even joined by some leaders of the technological industry.

In March, democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren publicly called for the separation of Facebook, Google and Amazon to smaller companies that, according to the Senator, will create a more favorable competitive climate. Earlier, Senator Warren said that American legislators made a mistake giving the green light to purchase applications Instagram and WhatsApp by the Facebook giant.

The main claim Warren to Apple for the App Store. In her opinion, the company has the right to engage in maintenance of the corporate application store, and at the same time to place ON their own development, because it thereby violates the rights of third-party developers.

“If you run the distribution platform IN to which you have access to third-party developers, you have no right to place their programs, because in this case you have two undeniable advantages. First, you get information about how third party sellers conduct their trade, and can use it. And secondly, there is a high probability that consumers will prefer your product as the owner of the platform,” says Warren.

Elizabeth Warren has also proposed to introduce anti-monopoly legislation the concept of “platforms for General use”. This will include companies with annual revenue of over $25 billion offering for General use on the Internet marketplaces, or exchanges of a platform for communication between the parties — thus, the definition of get and Amazon, and Facebook, and Google.

The Senator gave an example when in 90-ies in the technology market of the USA was dominated by company Mircosoft. A range of Antimonopoly measures taken by the government, helped to gain a foothold in the market of new companies, such as Google and Facebook. She noted that now these companies got too large market share, which provides them with full control over this sector of the economy.

Apple, as noted by its CEO, who does not have a dominant position in any market, the share of smartphone sales in the United States is not more than 35% of the total, and computers — even less, reports CBS.

“I don’t think anyone in their right mind can come to the conclusion that Apple is a monopoly. Our share is much more modest. We do not have a dominant position in any market. I think the review is fair step. But we are not a monopoly,” said Tim cook.

Cook criticized the call for Elizabeth Warren to divide the business Apple into pieces. “I strongly disagree with this,” he said. “I think that some people will argue: if you sell a product, you should not be own product which would have competed with this product. But… then, according to this logic, Walmart should not sell products of its own brand”.

IPhone gather in China, and recognizing that the duties may have a negative impact on sales, cook said he did not expect retaliation by the technology giant from China. Recall that the calls to boycott Apple products appeared on the background of U.S. sanctions against the Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment Huawei.

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