Just a few days ago Apple held its autumn presentation, which was presented Apple Watch Series 4 and three iPhone. Overall, the new Apple smartphones have made quite a positive impression on users. However, many are dissatisfied with the high cost of new products. To clarify the situation the journalists of the newspaper the Nikkei turned to Tim cook.

Of course, the Apple head of the company did not elaborate, how are the prices on the iPhone – it was limited to rather General phrases. In particular, Tim cook reported that they are well aware that there are many different customers and everyone has their desires and their idea of how much should cost one or another smartphone.

According to the head of Apple, while working on the new gadgets they try to take into account all these features. For example, the iPhone Xr they have created especially for those people who wanted to buy iPhone X, but they were scared off the high price. The novelty is supposed to enable them to enjoy the benefits of “jubilee” iPhone.

As for the iPhone Xs Max, this unit was created with a view to a completely different audience. Tim cook sure that the 6.5-inch smartphone will interest primarily those who want to purchase the largest and most innovative smartphone of Apple.

Discussing specifically the cost of the new devices, the head of Apple, the company also noted that the iPhone now plays a much greater role in human life than before. Therefore, many users are willing to pay big money for convenient and high-quality gadgets.


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