Apple CEO Tim cook, who last year took 24-th place in the list of most influential people in the world, according to Forbes, donated to charity 23 700 shares of Apple, the materials on the website of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC). At the close of trading on Monday, this package is worth $4.9 million
According to the document on the website of the SEC, the cook left 854 849 shares of the company. This package to exchange on Monday worth $176,5 million
“Leave behind something worthwhile”: the Tim cook speech to the graduates of Stanford

Attention to document drew CNBC. Apple, which turned the channel, refused to clarify what exactly the donated money cook. As noted by CNBC, in August last year, Apple CEO donated the same amount to the organization which remains unknown. In addition, he gave money to the Center for justice and human rights Robert F. Kennedy and the Campaign for human rights. In 2015, cook told Fortune magazine that he plans to give away his entire fortune to charity after you pay the education of his nephew (at the time he was 10 years old).

Monday cook on Twitter also reported that Apple plans to donate money to fight fires in the Amazon rainforest. “It is difficult to see destruction and fires are destroying the Amazon rainforest, one of the most important ecosystems in the world. Apple will make a donation to help preserve biodiversity and restore the unique forest of the Amazon in Latin America,” wrote in his Twitter Tim cook. Apple declined to say what sum there is a speech.

It’s devastating to see the fires and destruction ravaging the Amazon rainforest, one of the world’s most important ecosystems. Apple will be donating to help preserve and restore its biodiversity, the Amazon’s indispensable forest across Latin America.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) August 26, 2019

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