Apple intends to prepare content for Apple TV and iTunes. It is expected that new television shows and movies, “Apple” company wants to do without the drugs, violence, sex, writes the American edition of business circles of The Wall Street Journal.

As noted, the decision was voiced by the head of the company Tim cook. A year ago I reviewed the Vital Signs drama, which tells about the life of rapper Dr. Dre (Andre young Romell). Four years ago, Apple bought the musician has the rights to the brand Beats Electronics, which produced headphones, for $ 3 billion. Meanwhile, the head of the Corporation was shocked by many scenes of violence in the biographical history. It made the cook make the decision that his company would never produce on their resources the “aggressive” content. According to the newspaper, Apple is working with American Indian origin Director M. night Shyamalan, who shoots for the company’s drama about a married couple who lost a child. Employees of the company turned to Oh, no asking to cut all the frames with a crucifix in the homes of the characters. In the Apple not want to have problems with the law or to offend the feelings of believers.

Recall, the media reported that Apple wants to create an online cinema with original shows last year. “Apple” the company intends to compete with Netflix in the content production will be invested over five years to 4.2 billion dollars.


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