No failure is not.

From November 2018, analysts and insiders have been actively announce that iPhone XR sold much worse than the expectations of Apple. Many experts have even started calling the iPhone the most disastrous XR by Apple after the release of the colorful plastic iPhone 5c. Today Apple CEO Tim cook has denied rumors about the failure of iPhone XR, calling them nonsense.

In an interview with CNBC, Apple CEO said that the iPhone XR becomes the most popular model among the iPhone customers every day since its release. Quantitative XR sales of iPhone exceeds that of the flagship iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, as well as older iPhone models, which have recently began to enjoy increasing popularity.

In this regard, Tim cook, said the failure of the iPhone XR stuff. However, he stressed that Apple, of course, would like to sell more iPhones.

At the end of the interview, cook noted that the skeptics are every year start talking about “the imminent death of Apple”, but this is not happening. According to cook, the reason is that Apple has long-term proven strategy, and seeks to please buyers and investors right here and now.

Source: CNBC.


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